Friday, September 29, 2017

Political Turmoil In China?

Sun Zhengcai, then Chongqing Communist Party secretary, is shown attending a meeiting of a top political advisory body in Beijing in March 2016. Photo: Jason Lee/REUTERS

Wall Street Journal: China Expels Party Official Once Seen as Potential Successor to Xi Jinping

Politburo moves quickly to evict Sun Zhengcai ahead of Communist Party Congress.

BEIJING—China’s Communist Party expelled a senior official over alleged corruption and abuses of power just weeks before a pivotal conclave where President Xi Jinping plans to bolster his authority.

State media said Friday’s expulsion of Sun Zhengcai, the former top official in the inland megacity of Chongqing, was ordered by the party’s governing Politburo—ending the career of a party stalwart once seen as a possible successor to Mr. Xi before being placed under probe in mid-July.

Mr. Sun’s downfall echoes the 2012 purge of a predecessor, Bo Xilai, who was Chongqing’s party chief and a rising political star when he fell from grace amid corruption allegations and a murder scandal involving his wife.

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WNU Editor: Leading officials are not expelled a few weeks before the Party Congress unless there is a problem. This is a red flag to me .... it tells me that there are many in China who are not happy with President Xi, especially his push to have an additional 5 year term in his Presidency. And while I do expect President Xi to get what he wants .... limits are going to be imposed on him .... the main one being that he will be leaving in the next Party Congress.

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Unknown said...

By most measures China is not Democratic. It is a one party state. It is anti Democratic.

Yet with in that one party, you have factions. These factions can be checks and balances one another.

Looking at the United States, a commentator calls it two card monte (Michael Savage). Another Pundit calls it "The Combine" Those two pundits have done so well before Obama's time, so it has nothing to do with him.

Sometime during the reign of Crying Baby Boehner, posters called the Democrats and Republicans Republicrats or Democans. It is why I call it Kabuki theater. It is like it is a WWF story arc. You have 'good guy' wrastlers and 'bad guy' wrastlers. They are grouped into 2 factions for the fans to love and hate, but they really belong top one group, payday. The invincible bad guy storyline is use often. For 2 or 3 seasons beats up, on the good guys. Finally at the end of the 2nd or 3rd season he is unmasked. The day is saved. Over the next few years the former bad guy can become one of the premier good guys. At least most of the fans know it is fake.

Politics seems a lot like wrestling. The Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys. It makes me wonder why RINOs put up with it. Do they play along and put up with the abuse to become a multi millionaire? It seems as though all congressmen get rich regardless of party or IQ.

The point is that the U.S. has two parties but it does not seem to be as Democratic as advertised.

It is not 0 or 1. It could be China is .1 or .2 and the U.S. is .7

My comment is elecited by the observation.

"And while I do expect President Xi to get what he wants .... limits are going to be imposed on him .... the main one being that he will be leaving in the next Party Congress."

Anonymous said...

Aizino points well taken. I'd add to this: it doesn't matter if China is democratic or not. Let them choose what's right for them. I don't care about their political system.
I only care of they oppress their own people, neighbours etc and rob us blind while ignoring WTO rules.

fred said...

bewildering comment

Unknown said...

"it doesn't matter if China is democratic or not. "

Actually it does matter.

I see you missed the point almost completely. Hari Seldon would never hire you.