Friday, September 29, 2017

Protester Kneeling At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier In Arlington National Cemetery?

Snopes: Did a Protester Kneel During a Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

A viral photograph shows a man kneeling and recording a video at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but it's unclear whether he was also protesting.

Amid intensifying public debate about the right of NFL players and others to protest against police brutality and social injustice, a photograph emerged online in late September 2017 appearing to show a young black man kneeling at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

The web site America’s Freedom Fighters wrote:

An anonymous poster recently uploaded a particularly disappointing picture in a thread discussing the protests of the National Anthem during the NFL games. In the photo, a black man with scraggly hair, dressed in baggy khakis and a white t-shirt is seen on one knee hunched over to the side as a crowd of respectful on-lookers places their hands over their hearts and looks toward the flag.

…This is a protest that occurred during the changing of the guard at the most sacred site in all of the Arlington National Cemetery: the tomb of the Unknowns.

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WNU Editor: OMG!!!! I hope this is not happening, and that this is just a very bad joke.


Unknown said...

I was going to leave my usual very sarcastic remark but c'mon man. The lunatic fringe has got enough to froth and rant about without any extra help. And yes, I've been there. Was there the day it opened. People sit, stand, kneel, pray, don't pray. It's all good. It brings folks together for a small amount of time, let's let em have it.

Unknown said...

Never be surprised by what liberals will do to try and make this country horrible , they are the worst people earth

Unknown said...

This did happen.

Liberals do have morals. They would be hedonism, slavery, irresponsibility, sloth, sybaritism, etc.

Unknown said...

Katie Wiederhoeft came forward. Will these men come forward. Will they have video proving that the kneeler was videotaping?

Snopes, the liberal shill so called fact check site, says the kneeling incident is unproven.

They say he may have been kneeling to steady a camera. He is with 2 or 3 other black men.

One of theses men ahs his hands in his pockets.

Another of these men has his arms folded across his chest.

Seeing as how his compadres were not respectful, what are the chances that he is?

Anonymous said...

Guys take your medicines and chill. Looking at you, Aizino ;)

There is nothing wrong with kneeling. It is embedded in the freedom of expression that you can kneel. Even if you don't agree with it. The guy wants to say/express something. Let him. That's what it's all about.

Of course, it is usually black Americans and are you honestly gonna claim they have not been mistreated and shot by the police often under suspicious circumstances?

There's a difference to be had here. ..on one end of the spectrum we have SJWs who are often attention seeking people - I would not count blacks kneeling towards it. ..Sure they use the Media for their cause but who wouldn't? They have an actual cause. To not be shot is a fine cause. A SJW would probably kneel to have the right for her imagined 20th gender's marriage and tax excemption rights to start a family with a dolphin or some bat sh*t crazy stuff. This is not the same. They just want to be able to not live in fear when they are being pulled over by a cop. If I was black I would be freaking scared to be pulled over. yeah I fully support them kneeling wherever they want and wherever it's not illegal. It isn't illegal here. It isn't disrespectful. The unknown soldier might have been black, statistically speaking it is not unlikely, you know? And who are you to say the unknown soldier would be offended? Equality for all is exactly what someone with a heart would die for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sebastian for bringing a bit balance here.. too many people hating the wrong people. Last time I checked we are in a nuclear standoff with a country who might actually "disrespect" us ;) This is not it. This guy is someone you can have a laugh with. This guy is someone who would save your ass if you both were in war together. So let him kneel ffs. And maybe he needs you, have you thought of that? Just be a righteous dude and let him kneel.

fred said...

What utter nonsense these comments are...the guy taking video and not protesting there any evidence to show he is protesting? we see things not as they are but as we are...if he is kneeling and black he must be protesting but if white, he is not protesting

Unknown said...

So true. aizino is speaking the truth. If all leftist died tomorrow I'm convinced the world would be a better place. Just imagine no Merkel or Trudeau or any other leftist lunatics , if only the world gets so lucky. Like a dream

Unknown said...

"Anonymous said...
Guys take your medicines and chill. Looking at you, Aizino ;)"


I suggest you study physics, because you do not have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. .typo. .I mean Jason. Thanks@Jason for being reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I hold a BSc in physics. Now take your meds. :)

Anonymous said...

And aizino you probably meant physician/someone who practices medicine. Physics is something else. :)) total fail lol

Unknown said...

No, I meant physics.

You went to a lousy school. You should ask for your money back.

fred said...

I have been to that spot and if you think that black guy is kneedling in disrespect then you need to visit and see much worse and yes, from white people...the anti liberal stupidity here would be much less ignorant if it did not include such silly observations about that which can not be proven, and yes, Snopes is very bad except not one shred of evidence here or elsewhere to show where they are wrong or consistently so, as stated by one boilerplate comment guy here. In passing, at that cemetery is stone for The Brown Bomber, ie, Joe Louis, the black heavyweight champ, who not only served in WWII but toured to give voice for our country...and yes, blacks were segregated in a war fought in part to end Hilter's racism

Unknown said...


You purposefully fail to understand any legit argument.

All I have to do is look at the FBI UCR each year.

The cause would be liberal/Leftist memes. Memes are contagious.