Saturday, December 30, 2017

Are China's Generals Conspiring To 'Remove' Chinese President Xi?

General Zhang Yang in 2014. Reuters

Don Tse, The Diplomat: The Mysterious Death of a Chinese General

What Zhang Yang’s suicide reveals about Xi Jinping’s political situation.

General Zhang Yang, the former Political Work Department director of the Central Military Commission (CMC), hanged himself at home on November 25, according to a state media announcement in late November. Zhang became the highest-ranking Chinese official to commit suicide since Xi Jinping launched the anti-corruption campaign in 2013. On December 27, the National People’s Congress posthumously terminated Zhang’s membership to the Chinese legislature.

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WNU Editor: Don Tse is asking the right questions in the above analysis .... but absent any evidence, his conclusions are just his opinions. As to what is my take. The mysterious death of a former senior Chinese General does not happen in the manner that it happened to General Zhang. There is a lot more at play right now, and my gut is telling me that opposition to Chinese President Xi is probably more deeper than what has been acknowledged by the Chinese government and the press.

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Anonymous said...

@WNU the question has to be WHY

Why would they want to remove Xi?

If it's the military trying to remove him they must have a very good, -pressing- reason.

Likely North Korea.

Maybe the generals are not happy with Xi secretly supporting North Korea?

Maybe they don't want that war next door that they feel is being forced on them very soon because of Xi's actions. Maybe they think it's too early for the untested Chinese military to test America? Especially as the world unites behind the US on the topic of North Korea and double especially because neighbouring nations also won't help China because of the way China acted?

Maybe they finally realise that this Chinese strategy of bullying -everyone- but north Korea is not working and they feel they are becoming isolated just prior to a major war?

Maybe they see all the anti missile systems being installed in reaction to north Korean threats and they feel this further limits their chances against the US?

There are good reasons to get rid of Xi now, especially before he digs in for another 5+years.