Sunday, December 31, 2017

Global Military and Political Trends That Will Shape 2018

South Front: Military and Political Trends Of 2017 That Will Shape 2018

2017 presented the world with a number of crises, among which were the continued wars in the Middle Ease and the spread of terrorism, the humanitarian crises in Africa and Asia, the rising military tensions over North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, and the militarization of both the South China Sea and eastern Europe. Throughout the past year regional and global powers have repeatedly been on the verge of open military conflict, any of which may yet still lead to large regional wars.

In the Middle East the war on ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal, the crisis in Lebanon, and Israeli-Arab tensions took center stage.

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WNU Editor: A long but comprehensive read.


fred said...

Left out:
energy shift..US and many nation in the West have inexpensive energy sources and they will do well; Middle East and Iran and Russia sell oil for income and this is gone bad for them...causing many economic issues soon

Unknown said...

South Front is a very biased site.

I've been to Veterans Today, which is a south front partner. I stopped. There is a reason.

I noted that Southfront tracks U.S. carriers but not Russian or Chinese carriers.

Are the Chinese and Russians not players? Are they chumps? Or is SouthFront just a Front?


South Front has no Africa news, no South American news, no SE Asia news. I guess they are not needed for the narrative so they can 'safely' be ignored now.

I remember how in the book 1984 Africa was a cockpit that was fought over, temporarily won before fighting started all over again. Or so it said. Then at the end of the book the stalemate was broken.

If the experts are ignore Africa, they are not experts. Centrism, stereotypes, some other reason, but they are not experts.