Sunday, December 31, 2017

Social Media Giants In UK Told To Help Fight Extremism Or Face Massive Tax Increases

Reuters: UK may use taxes to get tech giants to do more to fight extremism, minister says

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain may impose new taxes on tech giants like Google and Facebook unless they do more to combat online extremism by taking down material aimed at radicalizing people or helping them to prepare attacks, the country’s security minister said.

Ben Wallace accused tech firms of being happy to sell people’s data but not to give it to the government which was being forced to spend vast sums on de-radicalization programs, surveillance and other counter-terrorism measures.

“If they continue to be less than co-operative, we should look at things like tax as a way of incentivizing them or compen­sating for their inaction,” Wallace told the Sunday Times newspaper in an interview.

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Anonymous said...

All very well if it’s to stop ISIS, but I reckon they have others to silence in mind, particularly those on the patriotic right.