Thursday, May 31, 2018

Militants Wore US Military Uniforms In Attack On The Afghan Interior Ministry

The Hill: Afghan security forces repel attack from gunmen dressed as US soldiers

Several militants dressed in U.S. military uniforms opened fire outside the Afghan Interior Ministry on Wednesday, before being fatally shot by security forces, the top U.S. commander in the country said.

The attack began as 10 militants, traveling in armored vehicles, gathered outside the interior ministry in Kabul, according to The Associated Press. Two militants then detonated suicide bombs, allowing the others to pass through a gate at the ministry.

The militants traded fire with security forces before they were killed within minutes. One police officer was killed and five others were wounded in the attack, the AP reported.

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WNU Editor: This could have ended up real bad. As it turned out .... all ten militants were killed.

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Anonymous said...

You can wear american uniform, sure, but the stench these terrorists give off.. weeks of no shower...and then the body hygiene they have to begin with.. ewh.. no mistaken them for US soldiers, don't worry

Roger Smith said...

It seems that the Afghans are finally showing some professionalism. We've been training them for years but something is beginning to click this last year or so. Especially the special forces groups.


Fusion said...
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