Thursday, May 31, 2018

North Korean Delegation To Meet President Trump On Friday

Daily Mail: Trump will 'hopefully' still meet with Kim Jong-un on June 12 and expects to get a letter from the North Korean dictator – but resolving nuke standoff could take 'a second and third' summit

* President said before boarding Air Force One that he might have to meet more than once with Kim Jong-un
* Scheduled summit will 'hopefully' still happen June 12 according to Trump
* Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a working dinner on Wednesday in New York City with top North Korean aide Kim Yong Chol
* Trump said he expects to receive a formal letter on Friday from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, carried by a delegation sent to Washington

President Donald Trump signaled on Thursday that he still expects to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on June 12 in Singapore, saying he's 'hopeful' that the summit will happen as scheduled.

But he warned at the same time that just one sit-down with the communist country may not be enough to ensure it doesn't pose a nuclear threat.

The two leaders are expected to sit down to negotiate the terms of North Korea's withdrawal from an effort to build a nuclear weapon that could reach the United States.

Trump tweeted that the U.S. had been engaging in 'very good meetings with North Korea.'

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WNU Editor: Today's meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and top North Korean official Kim Yong Chol ended earlier than expected. When that happens .... one of two things happen .... if the talks were successful the negotiators will keep to themselves. If the talks broke down .... they would go to the microphone and condemn the other party. Since the negotiators kept to themselves, and they will now meet President Trump at the White House .... these talks must have been a success .... or at least on some of the key points.

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Anonymous said...

They are probably a "success" in the way that DJT now has to decide to go to the summit and get a trophy for participating (the Norks still didn't get the message of full denuclearization and are just stalling tbh). Or, he cancels the meeting, and sends a military message, so they reconsider full denuclearization and meet on a later date. DJT does not want a participation trophy.

Bob Huntley said...

I can't see NK giving up the nukes. They would be crazy if they did.

B.Poster said...

Given prior US government history, denuclearization may be problematic for anyone. With DJT it may be more likely than under previous administrations. As an international business person and a general outsider from US politics, DJT has built up an impressive array of contacts and friendships among the whose who in both Russia and China.

As such, after many successful business deals Russian and Chinese leaders implicitly trust and respect him. He implicitly trusts and respects them as well. They are going to operate among each other under a "trust but verify" modus operandi. This represents a vast improvement over the previous situation. Furthermore because of these relationships of trust and respect that have been built up over many, many years, if not decades, NK leadership will implicitly trust DJT as well. Again, "trust but verify."

In this environment, an agreement could probably be made whereby NK gives up its nuclear weapons. Unfortunately someone like DJT may not be in power for ever. What happens then? This is going to be a major hurdle. Perhaps it has already been solved.

Maybe NK will not be expected to give up its nukes. In this situation, the US will need some kind of security guarantees from North Korea that can be enforced. There is a school of thought that the US military can easily defend America. Where we have a problem is all of the foreign deployments that drain resources and lead to blowback. The goal may simply be to "end" the Korean war between America and North Korea. To this end, following South Korean treachery in misleading POTUS about what NK would be willing to do SK appears to have essentially been frozen out of the negotiations.

As I have stated previously, cut the South Korean yoke loose and a negotiated settlement becomes much easier. This may be the track that is being pursued.

A bit off topic but DJT's instincts on getting us out of Syria are spot on. Recently it seems that Russia has agreed that Iran should not be involved. This might be a precondition to ending our involvement. Furthermore diplomatic channels seem extremely active there of late. This is probably all part of the process. Expect similar tracks to be pursued elsewhere.

No wonder DJT is despised by the elites and the so called "deep state." He represents a real threat to them. Also, our "allies" who are used to using us as their chumps are likely feeling a bit uneasy as well.