Saturday, June 30, 2018

Russian TV Boasts That They Elected Trump

The Independent: Russian TV boasts about electing Trump ahead of summit with Putin

'What trouble did we cause? We just elected Trump, that's all,' a Russian news presenter said

Russia’s state-owned television shows have mocked the outcry over the country's alleged hacking of the US 2016 presidential election ahead of an upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Russia 24, a government-funded network covering domestic and international news, criticised the issue of cyber security being included in Mr Putin’s planned discussions with American officials. In the same segment, Russian news analysts also derided CNN and one of its shows, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, for its coverage of the election hacking.

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WNU Editor: I love how the Western media covers stories like this one. Someone on a panel on Russian TV channel 24 makes a joke that Russia elected Trump, and it gets twisted by The Independent in its headline claiming that Russia help to elect Trump. Regular watchers of Russia 24 knows that this is a channel .... like FOX cable news in the U.S. .... where scores of people show up and debate the issues. And yes .... sometimes the debates has no basis in reality. On a side note .... Russia 24 has some of the most beautiful women in the world on that channel .... which tells me that they know their audience.


Carl said...

So what you're really saying, even those of us who don't speak Russian should watch Russia 24 because of the stellar eye candy!

Carl said...

The Independent must have a split personality, because they also
published this exceptionally good commentary:

Anonymous said...

heh, the news anchor in that photo definitely caught my eye and got me to look her up. :)

B.Poster said...

"Sometimes the debate has no basis in reality." This is partly why I seld8m watch FOX News except but perhaps for entertainment value. Sometimes the debates can have value if the viewer is already well informed about the issues being debated.

Maybe the Independent does have a "split personality." While a "Summit," in and of itself, will not fix US/Russian relations, for DJT to have been able to secure this at this time is amazing. We need to capitalize. We may not get another opportunity.