Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Are Current US-Taliban Talks Undermining The Afghan Government?

DW: US-Taliban talks could undermine Afghan government

A meeting between US officials and Taliban members in Qatar has raised hopes for peace in Afghanistan, but it also undermines the Afghan government's writ. Is the US willing to pay this price for Taliban talks?

Last week, a delegation led by Alice Wells, US deputy assistant secretary of state, held talks with representatives of the Afghan Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in a bid to kick-start peace negotiations and end the protracted Afghan conflict.

A Taliban official who participated in talks told Reuters news agency there were "very positive signs from the meeting," which, according to him, was conducted in a "friendly atmosphere."

The meeting, however, "could not be called peace talks," Taliban officials said, but admitted it could pave the way for future direct talks with Washington.

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WNU Editor:The U.S. may deny claims that they are undermining the Afghan government, but meeting the Taliban without the Afghan government present certainly sends the wrong message to everyone who is involved.

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Roger Smith said...

I would say the Afghan government and society has undermined itself with it's behavior.