Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Iran Rejects President Trump's Offer For Talks

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani attends a news conference at the Chancellery in Vienna, Austria July 4, 2018. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner/File Photo

Reuters: Iran rejects Trump offer of talks as 'humiliation', without value

LONDON (Reuters) - Senior Iranian officials on Tuesday rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer of talks without preconditions as worthless and “a humiliation” after he acted to reimpose sanctions on Tehran following his withdrawal from a landmark nuclear deal.

Separately, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Trump’s repudiation of the accord reached in 2015 was “illegal” and Iran would not easily yield to Washington’s renewed campaign to strangle Iran’s vital oil exports.

In May, Trump pulled the United States out of the multilateral deal concluded before he took office, denouncing it as one-sided in Iran’s favor. On Monday, he declared that he would be willing to meet Rouhani without preconditions to discuss how to improve relations.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said Trump’s offer to negotiate with Tehran contradicted his actions as Washington has imposed sanctions on Iran and put pressure on other countries to avoid business with the Islamic Republic.

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WNU Editor: The Iranian government is responding to this .... President Trump Says He Is Ready To Meet With Iran 'Anytime They Want To' – With No Preconditions (July 30, 2018). The Iranian government is also pursuing a legal route against the U.S. government for its repudiation of the 2015 accord. The problem for the Iranian government .... and why this legal challenge will fail .... is that no document was signed, and no treaty was voted on. It was simply a verbal agreement and understanding among all the parties.


Anonymous said...

Nice Trolling, Trump. Just as riots and protests are spreading in Iran, Trump offers to meet the mullahs. Something to make the people angrier at the rulers.

Bob Huntley said...

A gentlemen's agreement, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Never negotiate with someone that can offer you an actual treaty. Stick to international agreements, you can be sneakier that way.

Bob Huntley said...

Well it certainly does help if, that even if you do sign actual treaties, you have no moral compass that ensures you honor those treaties which you have signed and ratified such that they can be thrown aside as easily as an unsigned agreement.

Anonymous said...

"...if you do sign actual treaties..."

What treaty?

The Coward in Chief (CINC), Obama never presented a treaty to ratify.

In the U.S. the rule of law says that the president must send any treaties to the Senate for ratification.

Bob Huntley said...