Friday, July 27, 2018

Nicaragua Is Now In An ‘Undeclared State Of Siege’

Miami Herald: Nicaragua in ‘undeclared state of siege’ as hooded gunmen rule the streets

Managua, Nicaragua: They ride in the back of Toyota double-cabin pickup trucks, assault rifles slung over their shoulders. No one knows their identities. They always wear black ski masks or hoods.

The gunmen — between 1,000 and 1,500 of them, according to some estimates — are part of a recently formed paramilitary force protecting the continued rule of President Daniel Ortega against a three-month-old civilian uprising. Their main tactic is terror. They conduct roundups, fire at protesters, carry out dark-of-night raids and menace the population.

The Pro-Human Rights Association of Nicaragua said Thursday that paramilitary forces have conducted 595 “kidnappings” and disappearances of citizens since the uprising began April 18. The group said it has tallied 97 killings since July 11.

“Today in Nicaragua, there exists an undeclared state of siege,” Alvaro Leiva, executive director of the rights group, said at a news conference.

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WNU Editor: It has been 100 days since the uprising began .... It’s been 100 days since Nicaragua’s heroic uprising started (Tico Times), and the death toll now stands at 448 .... Rights group updates death toll in Nicaragua unrest to 448 (AP).


Roger Smith said...

Anyone ever read "Animal Farm"?

Young Communist said...

The motivations for that level of protest are ridiculous, obviously US are behind that for their ongoing plan to overthrow any socialist government.

But the response of Ortega governments is stupid, he is fall into the trap with both of their feet, like Gheddafi and Assad.

Anonymous said...

He is not fall in he is fall up

Anonymous said...

My math puts the death toll at over 1043 ( 448 + 595 "disappeared" = 1043)

The people who have gone missing are in shallow graves out in the jungle. The traditional place that Ortega puts his enemies.