Thursday, July 26, 2018

Imran Khan Declares Victory In Pakistan Election

BBC: Pakistan election: Imran Khan claims victory amid rigging claims

Former cricketer Imran Khan has claimed victory in Pakistan's election, amid accusations of vote rigging by rivals.

In a television address, he said: "We were successful and we were given a mandate."

His PTI party is still expected to fall short of an overall majority, so it would have to seek coalition partners in order to form a government.

Campaigning has been marred by violence. On voting day a bomb killed 31 people at a polling station.

Mr Khan, the charismatic patrician who captained Pakistan to a World Cup victory in 1992, has long shed his celebrity playboy image and has recently faced accusations that his election challenge was benefiting from military interference in the nuclear-armed republic.

An official confirmation of the vote is still to come.

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WNU Editor: I hope these commentary posts are wrong ....

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Bloggermonster said...

I believe they're quite accurate. However the Pakistani political system is an extremely fickle an volatile one. I am interested to see if he truly remains in office. The rigging accusations are only the beginning, no different than the US and Trump with his election in a way. Seems like everyone is rigging their ways in these days.