Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Russian President Putin Has Created A Political Wing Within The Russian Military

Russia's President Vladimir Putin inspects warships on the Neva river during the Navy Day parade in St Petersburg, Russia, July 29, 2018. Reuters

Reuters: In Soviet echo, Putin gives Russian army a political wing

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin has created a new directorate inside the Russian army to promote patriotism, evoking memories of a Soviet practice that once saw soldiers taught the precepts of Marxism and Leninism by political commissars.

The move, approved by Putin in a presidential decree published on Monday, will affect Russia’s around 1 million active military service people and appears designed to ensure soldiers’ loyalty at a time when Moscow is locked in a geopolitical standoff with the West.

“In conditions of a global information and psychological confrontation (with the West) the role of political and moral unity within the army and society drastically grows,” Alexander Kanshin, who sits on a civilian body that shapes military policy, told Interfax news agency in February.

In the Soviet Union, a similar directorate worked to ensure that the army stayed loyal to the then ruling Communist party.

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Update: Putin Recreates Soviet-Era Patriotic Directorate in Russia's Army (Moscow Times)

WNU Editor: For some reason the Beatle's song "Back to the USSR" comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

WOW , this way generally lead to quasi military style dictatorship like in Egypt , masked as civilian political role .

WNU , what the chance of that to happen in Russia

War News Updates Editor said...

A few years ago I would say no way.
I would say the same thing today, but not with "gusto".

Anonymous said...

thank you