Tuesday, July 31, 2018

U.S. Military Bases In Europe Are Dependent On Russia For Their Energy Needs

Ramstein Air Base in Germany

RCD: U.S. Military Sites in Europe Are Dependent on Russia for Electricity

As the Nord Stream II pipeline is beginning construction in the Baltic Sea, President Donald Trump warned that Germany has become “captive to Russia.” Representatives in Congress are also worried about European dependence on Russian energy. To ensure stable operation of critical sites, especially military assets abroad, backup power solutions should be an imperative.

In the first quarter of this year, Russian pipelines supplied 41% of Europe’s gas. Russian natural gas is cheaper for much of Europe because it does not need to undergo the liquification process. Countries that ship gas long distances have to transform it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) by cooling it to -260 degrees Fahrenheit. This shrinks the gas’ volume, making it easier to store and ship. When LNG reaches its destination, it is changed back to a gas and piped to homes and businesses to generate electricity.

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WNU Editor: If a major war breaks out between Russia and the U.S./Europe, the Russians are not going to cut off Europe's gas supplies, they are going to use conventional and nuclear weapons to obliterate these bases.


Anonymous said...

This story forgot about diesel generators as backups. I'm sure all these bases have them since they've been around for the last 100 years. Great example of "much ado about nothing"

Dov Sar said...

Disagree with anonymous. Generators don't last very long without restock. If your enemy controls your fuel, you are toast.

Roger Smith said...

Bases are targets. Like the Iraqi's in 1991. Immobile and visible. We all know how that one went.