Saturday, September 29, 2018

China Working To Develop A Crack Anti-Terror Force That Can Operate At Home And Abroad

President Xi Jinping presents a new flag to the "Falcon Commando Unit," an elite police counter-terror brigade under the the Special Police Academy of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, in Beijing on Wednesday. [Photo/Xinhua]

Reuters: China eyes anti-terror force to protect overseas interests

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is working to develop a first-class, crack anti-terror force that can operate at home and abroad and protect the country’s overseas interests, a senior Chinese officer said in comments carried by state media on Saturday.

In late 2015, China passed a new anti-terrorism law that allows the military to venture overseas on counter-terror operations, though experts have said Beijing faces big practical and diplomatic problems to actually execute such an action.

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WNU Editor: Chinese President Xi has been pushing for the establishment of such forces for years .... Xi calls for better anti-terror forces (China Daily/Xinhua). But the problem has always been the same. China does not have many international allies who would be willing to accept such a foreign military presence on their soil.

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