Sunday, September 30, 2018

Euronews Sends A Reporter To Check Out The 'Secret Atomic Warehouse' That Israeli PM Netanyahu Claimed Iran Was Using

Euronews: 'Secret atomic warehouse': The mystery building at the centre of Israeli PM's claim

This is Mehr Alley in Torquzabad, and this is the same building Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, said was Iran's secret nuclear warehouse at the UN General Assembly last week.

He asked Yukio Amano, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to inspect the area, which lies just outside Tehran, before it is cleaned up by the Iranians.

But is this place really a secret warehouse where abundant nuclear materials and facilities have been hidden?

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WNU Editor: Israel is saying that Iran is rushing to hide evidence of its nuclear program .... Iran scrambling to cover up newly revealed nuclear site, Israeli official says (Times Of Israel). But as the above Euro-reporter discovered, for a site that holds (or once held) nuclear material, it is poorly defended.


Roger Smith said...

Netanyahu is too trusting. Why WOULDN'T someone check on his statement? Good grief!
This said, the reporter better be accurate.

Antitroll said...

Netanyahu is an idiot.

fazman said...

Like the reporter is allowed to look inside?
The rest of the west needs Israelis intelligent services to help them find there ass so they don't wipe their face.

Anonymous said...

"The rest of the west needs Israelis intelligent services to help them find there ass so they don't wipe their face."
Funny and true!

B.Poster said...

So true!! US (un)intelligence consists primarily of incompetent boobs and political hacks. As,such, allies like Israel are invaluable.

I'm pretty sure the movements and reporting of this reporter will carefully monitored and this person will simply rubber stamp whatever Iran wants reported.

jimbrown said...

Journalist useful idiot perhaps?

Anonymous said...

you seem fully unaware how these two nations work together

B.Poster said...


How do you mean? For what its worth I seconded Fazman's observatuon. While he tends to be a bit more colorful than I am, he is essentially correct.

I might not US Fazman's terms. I would lean in the direction of "the west especially the US needs the Israeli Intelligence Services to help them find their sandwiches in their brown paper bags so they don't starve." So, yes I do have a good idea about how the US and Israel work together. US leadership is incompetent on so many levels that the survival of the country would be problematic at best without allies like Israel.