Sunday, September 30, 2018

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Condemns President Trump's 'Bully Behavior'

CBS: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif: Trump's "bully" behavior will prompt backlash

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says President Trump's threat of sanctions against European countries continuing to do business in Iran is "unprecedented," comparing his behavior to that of a "bully." He also said it's "still a possibility" that Iran could restart its nuclear program.

"The United States is asking countries to violate international law, and is telling countries and companies that if they observe the law they'll be punished," Zarif told CBS News' John Dickerson in an interview on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last week. "This is probably unprecedented, even for a bully, in a town to go to the sheriff's office and tell them, 'If you try not to drop people you are going to be punished.'"

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Update: Foreign minister: Pompeo has made 'all the wrong moves against Iran' (The Hill)

WNU Editor: The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accuses Secretary of State Pompeo of making "all the wrong moves" when it comes to Iran. Hmmmm .... I can say the same about him and Iran's approach towards the U.S. for the 40 years.


jac said...

Mohammad Javad Zarif has strong nerves!

Roger Smith said...

He's probably taking a pay cut. Unless he's hidden his funds in more stable currencies and countries.

B.Poster said...

We could say the Iran approach has been wrong, if we assume Iran actually wants constructive relations with America. I think this is an iffy proposition at best.

I would like to see this moved to some type of UN Tribunal for resolution. There's two basic reasons it can't happen right now. 1.)Iran is getting to much mileage from this conflict. The government needs a foreign devil. 2.)Such a Tribunal would most likely simply rubber stamp whatever Iran wants.

Should Iran suggest this approach there'd be tremendous pressure placed on America to go along. They aren't interested, to much benefit to them from confkuct with America.

While I think it may be possible for US warships to counter the Iranian speedboats it'd be EXTREMELY difficult and our losses would likely be ENORMOUS. Aircraft carriers would likely be compketely useless against a foe like Iran. Furthermore they count as allies countries like Russia and China. Additionally the governments of the Gulf Arab states they are in conflict with aren't very stable.

While we may be able to win against Iran and their allies, it likely would be extremely difficult and costly with massive American casualties and those massive casualties would not be limited to the battlefield. Perhaps we have no choice but to fight. These are not matters that should be taken lightly. Sober minded consideration will need to be undertaken.