Sunday, September 30, 2018

Macedonians Do Not Show Up At The Polls To Approve A Change In The Country's Name

Map showing the Greek province of Macedonia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. (AFP Photo/Kun TIAN)

Reuters: Macedonia leader vows to press on with name change despite low referendum turnout

SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonia’s prime minister pledged on Sunday to press on with a vote in parliament to change the country’s name, although his coalition acknowledged a referendum appeared to have failed to secure the 50 percent turnout needed to make it legally valid.

The proposed name change is part of an agreement reached in June by pro-Western Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with Macedonia’s neighbor Greece to resolve a decades-old dispute that had prevented Macedonia from joining NATO or the EU.

With the official turnout tally stuck at 34 percent half an hour before polls closed, a ruling coalition official acknowledged that it seemed unlikely that the 50 percent threshold would be reached. The opposition said the low turnout proved that Macedonians had rejected the name change.

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WNU Editor: Even with this low turnout (90% approved of the name change), Macedonia's Prime Minister has vowed to press on with a vote in parliament to change the name.

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