Sunday, September 30, 2018

Will The U.S. Build A Permanent Military Base In Poland?

L.A. Times: What's in a name? Poland tempts Trump with deal to build permanent military base for U.S. troops

It’s a blockbuster Polish real estate deal, structured to tempt a certain former Manhattan developer who affixes his name to all his properties.

Poland is offering President Trump as much as $2 billion and a long-term lease in an “ideal location” if the United States will build a permanent military base there. But that’s not all: Polish President Andrzej Duda suggested only half-jokingly earlier this month at the White House that the complex should be named “Fort Trump.”

Bypassing the Pentagon and its allies in NATO, Poland is making a naked appeal directly to the man who could seal the deal. But the offer is vexing other nations in the 29-member NATO alliance, who already are reeling from Trump’s repeated broadsides against members who fail to meet self-imposed military spending targets.

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WNU Editor: Poland has a long history of being invaded form the east and west, so I can understand why many Poles view a major U.S. base within their country as a long-term security guarantee. I can also understand German and Russian concerns. For Germany .... the U.S. may shift some assets from their German bases to Poland. For Russia, it means a closer U.S. military presence to their borders. My prediction .... this U.S. base is going to be built, but it will not house the numbers and equipment that many in Germany and russia are worried about.


Roger Smith said...

As if the Marshall plan and decades of protection via NATO weren't enough, now Germany is not pleased with Poland's offer because Germany will have to boost their spending to take a greater roll in their own perceived need to deter Russian aggression.
We created a bunch of spoiled children.

Anonymous said...

I’m thinking the old rules don’t apply. The EU big wigs just aligned with Iran, Russia and China to attack the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. Sec of State Pompeo blasted Germany, France and Britain for this. What better way for DC to show their feelings than agreeing to do a non-NATO base in Poland and withdraw USA forces from Germany to do It? Trump has made it clear that the USA no longer separates economics from NATO, so Poland-USA joint base is possible.

fred said...

Name it Fort Trump and that will be another Polish joke

Anonymous said...

The foreign press I read is saying Germany, France and Britain are fed up with DC hegemony on trade and want an independent currency system. Ruble, Yuan, Euro against the dollar. Should the EU be serious then the USA will end its NATO commitments as no way the USA defends the EU nations who wage economic warfare against the USA. A successful challenge to the dollar causes an economic depression in the USA as interest rates sky rocket, the dollar loses much of its value and inflation runs wild. This ends the post WWII alignment and the USA returns to isolationism for many decades to come.

fred said...

Isolation is good! we have two big oceans to keep the bad guys away from our country and the Monroe Doctrine to keep them out of South and Central America