Wednesday, October 31, 2018

China Underestimated President Trump

Gordon G. Chang, National Interest: The Trump Curveball: This Is What China Didn't Expect

Donald Trump's message to Xi Jinping: the United States intends to disengage with your country to the greatest extent possible.

A long-planned meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese ruler Xi Jinping, scheduled for the sidelines of the G20 meeting at the end of next month in Buenos Aires, looks like it might not occur. And even if the get-together takes place, it does not appear it will be productive. There may even be no discussions on the topic of the moment, the so-called “trade war.”

The U.S. won’t talk to Beijing about trade until the Chinese, in the words of the Wall Street Journal , submit a “concrete proposal to address Washington’s complaints about forced technology transfers and other economic issues.” For many reasons, China’s officials are unlikely to do that.

Call it, as the Wall Street Journal does, an “impasse.”

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WNU Editor: And the sad thing is that Beijing still does not have a coherent strategy on how to deal with President Trump with the exception of the following .... hope that the Democrats succeed in winning Congress, and that President Trump will be a one term President. But as Hillary Clinton put it a few years ago .... hope is not a strategy.


Anonymous said...

Wnu, don't forget the Chinese already tried to meddle in these very midterms just 2-3 weeks back, you posted yourself (the ads they took out and were linked back to the gov)

B.Poster said...

Trump will not be a one term president. Either he is reelected or his handpicked successor who continues his policies will be the next president. Essentially Trump's policies will continue. Furthermore expect a "red wave" durinh the elections. As duch, Trump will have even more influence,

This should be the Chinese policy. You are stuck with Trump. Act accordingly.

Given the woefully one sided trade arrangements in your favor, it'd be easy to renegotiate this and lock in your gains for all time. Presumably this is part of the thinking on North Korea. Bottom line: you're stuck with Trump and his power and influence is only going to increase. Act accordingly.

Roger Smith said...

Poster, I don't know who your crystal ball dealer is but I hope you're reading that thing correctly.


Fusion said...

China will continue to steal the worlds technology and claim it as their own. We can't stop them because they manufacture all of it. Hindsight is a bitch. Western countries can fix this... But it's expensive, so they ignore the issue.

B.Poster said...


I must admit that I hope I am reading this correctly as well. As with anything where we do not have access to inside information in real time we cannot "know" the outcome. With that said we observe and read and cross read from multiple sources. When we are able to keep our emotions out of it which admittedly can be difficult, we are usually able to make informed decisions and are generally able to arrive at the proper conclusion.

For what its worth, I predicted Trump's election and I predicted BREXIT. The prediction of a "red wave" is based upon similar analysis. We will know soon enough if my prediction here is correct.

Anonymous said...