Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Satellite Images Expose China's Vast Network Of Secret Re-Education Camps

A show of military force in front of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Reuters

Mark Doman, Stephen Hutcheon, Dylan Welch and Kyle Taylor, ABC News Online: China’s frontier of fear

Satellite imagery captured over a remote and highly volatile region of western China lifts the lid on the size and spread of internment camps used to indoctrinate vast numbers of the region’s Muslim population.

An investigation by ABC News using new research collated by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) think tank, identifies and documents the expansion of 28 detention camps that are part of a massive program of subjugation in the region of Xinjiang.

Analysis of the data shows that since the start of 2017, the 28 facilities have expanded their footprint by more than 2 million square metres. In the past three months alone, they’ve grown by 700,000 square metres - that’s about the size of 35 Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

The nominally autonomous province is home to about 14 million Chinese citizens belonging to mainly Muslim ethnic groups, the largest of which is the Turkic-speaking Uighur (pronounced WEE-ger) people.

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WNU Editor: Bottom line. These camps are huge, and there are many of them.


kidd said...

Let my people go or I will armed them with fury and destroy yourself

Anonymous said...

Let’s call it “Conceintration Camps” because they are.

Say where is the outrage from the Khashoggi mob?

Crusader said...

As I've mentioned before: Imagine if these were happening in America, Australia or the UK, then there'd be an uproar and all trade links would be severed.
My question is, why hasn't that happened?
Why the double standards?

Anonymous said...

"As I've mentioned before: Imagine if these were happening in America...."

Here in America we like to experiment as we go. The Tornillo, Texas tent concentration camp has air-conditioned tents, a soccer field and even access to legal counsel for the 1,600 migrant kids of all ages that are imprisoned there.

With an eye to the future, the Health and Human Services Department built-in capacity for 3,800 kids. Smart. When the CARAVAN finally gets here several weeks from now we are going to need someplace to put all those little whippersnappers.

I just hope that we enough space to build some more "camps" to keep future undesirables in. At Torinllo, they don't get regular classes but do get workbooks that they may choose to edify themselves with. That is if they enough gumption and personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:21.. they just haven't figure out yet how to blame it on Trump, while calling his supporters racists and biggots. I can try, here are some spontaneous ones:


1. Xi keeps winning. Trump ignores concentration camps, his own base wants concentration camps for children

2. Putin and Xi keep winning // TRUMP DIVIDES AMERICA and China and Russia win

ah the list will be endless

They will ignore that under Trump
1. NATO finally spends more and is stronger
2. Lethal weapons were sent to Ukraine / stemming Russian invasion there- something that Obama didn't dare to do
3. Trump convinces Germany to finally buy energy from the US (and see how fast they caved? It was less than 2 weeks!! That was insane -- not sure if CNN even ran it, perhaps 5min. This will be hundreds of billions going to the US, not Russia! And also important for strategic reasons (as Russia extorts several EU countries dependent on their gas during winter)
4. Trump does many more freedom of navigation exercises in South China sea than Obama - despite his pivot to Asia which caused the hypermilitarization in SE Asia (all while Obama gutted the military! Like you say "hey we are pivoting to you guys, we are coming to show our force of freedom of navigation", but then not only not do it, but take the strength of the military away. One of the reasons why we see so many accidents, because these machines were so poorly maintained for 8 years and many of these are still flying.. They are not all fixed in 2years - it takes till 2026 to undo what happened under Obama.

Just think for once, guys

Anonymous said...

@Crusader: Because of Chinese lobbying in Washington and Silicon Valley (where now a lot of information filtering happens as directed by tech giants, not as directed by "we the people" - and these have often strong financial interests to China now, especially google facebook and twitter - all social media/search giants basically)..

RussInSoCal said...

This, like the One Child Policy, will turn out to be another internal, generational disaster for the Chinese.

anon said...

Lol ABC Australia. Where is the reporting on the Falun Gung abductions and detentions happening since 1999? Or perhaps the current Christian crackdown? As soon as Muslims cop it too ABC Au gets themselves in a tizz.
The world already knows the Chinese government are deadsh#ts. It would be great if ABC Australia dropkick reporting could talk about more than Muslims and gays.
Rant over.. For now.