Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Military Issues And Foreign Policy Are Being Ignored In This Year's U.S. Midterm Elections

President Donald Trump speaks during an event at Fort Drum, New York, on Aug. 13. Trump has made national security a key talking point in his campaign trail speeches this fall, but many candidates have not. (Sgt. Thomas Scaggs/Army)

Military Times: Military issues largely MIA on the campaign trail

WASHINGTON — For months, President Donald Trump’s campaign trail speeches have included the same version of the same applause line on national security.

“Our military will soon be more powerful than it ever has been ever, ever, ever before,” the president said at an event in Nevada a week ago. “Under Republican leadership, America is booming, America is thriving, and America is winning, because we are finally putting America first.”

Democrats’ defense policies, he insists, “are against your military.”

The Democratic National Committee’s actual platform on national security says party members “are committed to ensuring our troops have the training, equipment, and support that they need when they are deployed and the care that they and their families need and deserve when they return home.”

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WNU Editor: Military and foreign policy issues should be discussed on the campaign trail. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are very clear on what they want to do .... If Democrats Win Control Of Congress What Would Be The Impact On The Pentagon? (October 24, 2018). More here .... Ro Khanna and progressive Democrats hope ‘Blue Wave’ shakes up American defense policy (Defense/News).

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