Wednesday, October 31, 2018

U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis: Border Force Is Not Politically Motivated. ‘We Don’t Do Stunts’

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This map shows the positions of all the caravans headed to the US, including the fourth group that departed El Salvador Wednesday

Washington Examiner: Jim Mattis denies border force is politically motivated: ‘We don’t do stunts’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis denied on Wednesday that the 5,200 active-duty troops being deployed to the Mexico border is a political stunt to help Republicans in the midterm elections.

“The support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police, so we don't do stunts in this department,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

With less than a week until the midterm elections, President Trump has ordered the deployment of the troops in addition to 2,100 National Guardsmen at the border since April because he said a group of migrants walking north through Mexico is a threat to national security.

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Update #1: Report: Pentagon Identifies 7,000 American Troops for Mexico Border (Epoch Times)
Update #2: Pentagon readies 7,000 troops for border duty as Trump warns of ‘gang members’ in caravan (VIDEO) (RT)

WNU Editor: A new migrant caravan (the fourth one) has now formed .... Now a FOURTH caravan has left El Salvador to join other groups of migrants trekking through Mexico on their way to the US (Daily Mail).


Anonymous said...

Nice stunt.

Anonymous said...

If armed forces being sent to the border,and National Guard already there, ordered by Trump, and the caravan will not get to the border till late December, then like it or not, this is a political move

fred said...

Any and all military moves are also political moves...

Roger Smith said...

Ohhhh you racist pig, anon 5:06PM! Just because some of the seekers of public assistance are now being bussed to the border on Mexican busses you accuse DJT of being political. What is your problem with Mexican busses and their drivers?

My solution sir, is an immediate blood transfusion. Get the obama dust out of your bloodstream. Free your brain, my son. Come to the thinking side.

Your concerned and worried friend, Roger

fred said...

there are economic refugees
there are political refugees
there will soon be climate refugees

the caravans: are those seeking to sneak into the US or are they applying for asylum as refugees?
I know of Jews from Europe who could not get into the US as political refugees (think Exodus too) but ended up in Dominican Republic (now so-called), taken in by a dictator!
  But my point remains: any and all military moves, gestures, commands are made first as political considerations. Name me an instance when they are not

Roger Smith said...

Fred, don't you think it's a tiny bit out of the ordinary for thousands of individuals to form large columns, not one, not two, not even three, I'm reading, to walk together lord knows how many miles to enter this country?
I'm familiar with the word and meaning of "spontaneity" but are you claiming this is spontaneous? "Oh we just all felt like walking hundreds and hundreds of miles to America". "It must be divine intervention, you know, that we all had the same idea at the same time and we all met at the same place just like flies on a fresh cow patty." "I felt like an iron filing near a strong magnet", proclaimed Maria.

Will wonders never cease?