Friday, November 30, 2018

Anchorage, Alaska Rocked By A 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

Daily Mail: 'It was anarchy. Everything that's not tied down is broke': State of emergency declared in Anchorage after devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake leaves residents running for cover, roads cracked and homes without power

* A 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Anchorage, Alaska on Friday at 8.29am
* The center of the earthquake took place about seven miles from Anchorage
* A tsunami warning was initially placed for coastal areas including Alaska's Cook Inlet and southern Kenai Peninsula but it was later cancelled
* Officials monitored gauges to see if any underwater landslides would generate tsunami waves then cancelled the warning
* At least eight aftershocks rippled through the city after the earthquake hit, the largest one measuring 5.8 magnitude in Anchorage
* Alaska averages 40,000 earthquakes per year, which is more large quakes than the other 49 states of the U.S. combined
* The White House said President Trump, who is in Argentina for the G20 Summit, has been briefed on the earthquake
* No immediate deaths or injuries have been reported

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Alaska early Friday morning, leading officials to announce a tsunami warning that was later canceled.

The devastating earthquake struck in Anchorage at 8.29am Alaska time, rocking trees, swaying lampposts, breaking up roads and causing people to run out of their offices and hide under desks for shelter.

Officials monitored gauges to see if any underwater landslides would generate tsunami waves and determined there was no threat and cancelled the warning.

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WNU Editor: It looks like no one was seriously injured or killed in this earthquake.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the 7.something Landers quake in 1991 or 92. That was about 100 miles away from where I was. Shook the living crap out of me and my apartment. The aftershocks later that morning shook the tennis court fencing like a tambourine. A few years before that while at work in Newport Beach a moderate 3.0 quake struck right underground below my office complex, felt like a bomb went off. So the moral of this story is if you are near a 7.0, all h3ll will break out.