Friday, November 30, 2018

New U.S. - Canada - Mexico Trade Deal Signed At The G20 Summit. Canadian PM Trudeau Blasts President Trump For Tariffs

Newsweek: Justin Trudeau Blasts Donald Trump's Trade Tariffs to His Face After General Motors Announced Huge Layoffs

In the wake of massive layoffs announced by U.S. carmaker General Motors, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lashed out at President Donald Trump’s recent steel and aluminum tariffs.

At Friday's ceremony to sign a new version of NAFTA, the free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, Trudeau urged Trump to reassess levies imposed on Canadian imports in June.

"Donald, it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries," Trudeau said Friday, The Hill reported. According to a tweet from Toronto Star journalist Daniel Dale, the prime minister was referring to the GM cuts, which Trudeau called a “heavy blow.”

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Update: US, Mexico, Canada sign trade pact (The Hill)

WNU Editor: Canadian Prime Minister may blast President Trump over tariffs, but he still signed the trade deal.


Anonymous said...

“Very legal and very cool.”

Cool, Cool.

Canada owned.

Dairy Farms owned.

Canadian Forests raked, slightly watered, owned.

Americanadian soldier said...

I can’t get over the CTV showing him signing documents next to trump with his signature goof-ball grin and smile then shakes everyone’s hand...... only to complain later. This guy really is the queen of drama queens. You never know with this guy.

Anonymous said...

Why does Justin Trudeau always leave me with the impression that he is giving a Grade 8 valedictorian speech?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Canada is full of Complainers. I work with a ton of them and most politicians are slimy back stabbers.

Anonymous said...

Lol. "Canada is full of Complainers..."

Sure, you've never bitc#$d about anything at your job!?!

Anonymous said...


Forest do get raked. Only you will be raking a forest floor with a tooth brush.

Brush-Rake Piling Cat

Anonymous said...

Winnnninng.. Obama couldn't do it :P

Anonymous said...

The thing about Obozo is that he wants it both ways. Or is it that he swings both ways?

First, he and other Democrats say the tax cuts will tank the economy and a year after the tax cuts he claims credit for the economy.

Does the BamBam, the caveman, contradict himself? Much?

Mike Feldhake said...

My take is a little different; it's not that the Dems want it both ways; they simply are not educated people knowing what to do so they follow the pulse of their MM buddies. Now, plenty of Repubs as well but with Trump who runs a business he knows or at least knows how to find out! MAGA!