Friday, November 30, 2018

Report: Saudi Crown Prince Salman 'Moves Military Troops To Riyadh To Deter Any Possible Coup

Feeling safe: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is pictured arriving at the G20 leaders summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which opens today

Daily Mail: Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman 'moves military troops to Riyadh to protect him from possible COUP' as exiled Saudi Prince warns of plan to topple him

* Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia reportedly reshuffled troops and military assets
* Troops have been moved to Riyadh, allegedly in response to threats of a coup
* Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is attending G-20 meeting in Argentina
* Dissident Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud said opposition wants to unseat MBS
* Prince Khalid hopes for a 'soft coup' that overthrows King and Crown Prince

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has scrambled the kingdom's army in response to rumours that members of the royal family are planning to unseat him in a coup, Emirati media claims.

Military personnel and assets have reportedly been moved from eastern and western Saudi Arabia to Riyadh while Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman attends the G20 summit in Argentina.

Any military reshuffling would likely be a pre-emptive move to deter any potential plotters from making a move while the Crown Prince, known as MBS, is abroad.

The claims made in Emirati media coincided with an interview with a dissident Saudi Prince who claimed a royal coup is in the offing, and that the opposition is mobilising against the Crown Prince.

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Update #1: Saudi Arabia’s Bin Salman Takes Preemptive Action Against Coup Threat -- Jerusalem Post
Update #2: Saudi Arabia scrambles troops amid fears of COUP to topple Crown Prince -- Daily Star

WNU Editor: The Saudi military is not going to move against the King and the Crown Prince. This is just speculation.


jimbrown said...

The killing in Istanbul was supposed to stop this.

Anonymous said...

The killing in Istanbul would have stopped except for a screeching American press.

Hundreds of journalist are killed around the world in Mexico Russia and other places.

The Washington Post seems to only care about one.

Maybe if the Post made too much of a stink about Russian journalist they would get Skripal treatment.

Notice how the press only does the little dog bark against Putin. They go after Trump because it is American rules, but they do not go after Putin so much.

Still no collusion.

Cohen indicted over a hotel that was never built. That is Democrat smash mouth politics for you.

B.Poster said...

Anon (8:07PM),

You're spot on. There's little I can add except that I'm skeptical of the claim that the Russian government is behind the Skripal poisoning. I think the most likely culprits are agents from former Soviet or former Eastern bloc countries seeking to manipulate us much like Porishenko is attempting to do now by going out of his way to stoke tensions with Russia expecting us to do his bidding.

I have noticed that the media is excessively critical over what Trump says or doesn't say with regards to Russia all while doing very little themselves. They don't seem to pay much attention to the actual policies themselves towards Russia which are much tougher than his predecessor's were.

Ironically Putin's best hope is Bob Mueller and his team. Trump has been a nightmare for Putin and the Russian leadership. They are likely the biggest cheerleaders of team Mueller.

In obessing about the jihadist "journalist," the media has undercut our relations with a very important country at a crucial time. Perhaps they are trying to help Iran. Perhaps ideology has made them stupid. Maybe they are mentally unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

Comrade, I agree. Putin innocent and good man. Yankees just don't get it. Polonium and chemical poisoning is natural; happens all the time. Can happen if you work in enrichment facility. .or if you work in press. ..or you say something against Kremlin. ..Anywhere it can happen.. so why blame Putin!? Happens so often.. many catch's like flu

Anonymous said...


Poot poot is that you?

B.Poster said...

We look at incentive, motive, ability, and opportunity. I've discussed it elsewhere. Essentially eastern European agents had/Have all of this. The Russian government doesn't have this. Furthermore the "western" investigators didn't even bother with an investigation.

I never said Putin is "good." Please read the posts before commenting.

Anonymous said...

I did read.


"Comrade, I agree. Putin innocent and good man."

And the fact that your last 3 paragraphs do not make up for the 1st.

Ya know things go beyond Facebook posts.

B.Poster said...

Anon (11:08),

I never said Putin was "good" or "innocent." By "agreeing" with me. You are attributing something to me that I did not say. Instead of suggesting you need to read perhaps I should have said you need to do a better job of evaluating the context before posting. I reread my first paragraph. There's nothing to "make up" for as you reached the wrong conclusion which you would not have had you evaluated the context of this and other posts.

Now as for the Skripal poisoning I've discussed this before. Putin may well be personally behind it or high ups in the Russian government may be with his his knowledge. As I stated I'm "skeptical." Essentially we look at motive, opportunity, and ability. The Russians and the US were involved in negotiations at the time that were bearing fruit and Russian leaders are being closely monitored. As such, both motive and opportunity are lacking. While not impossible, it seems highly unlikely.

Nevertheless all pisdibilities should be pursued. In doing so, we start with the mist likely and work our way down the list. Unfortunately we didn't even bother to investigate at all!! The amount of time that passed between poisoning and conclusion reached was insufficient for it to have been possible to have conducted any kind of reasonable investigation.

The most likely culprits would be: 1.) Eastern European agents seeking to manipulate us and suck us further into their conflict. Motive, opportunity, and ability they will have all three. Furthermore they have a track record of manipulating us. 2,)Rogue Russian agents. They'd have ability and motive. As to opportunity, I'm assuming Putin and his team have control over these things. As such, I deem this less likely.

"many catch it..." apparently a British couple did and they weren't in any way involved with the Russian government. This lends credence to the possibility of rogue elements who may not have full understanding on how to properly handle this stuff. As to the necessary facilities, eastern Europeans will have both the knowledge and ability to do this and it would be naive to assume they didn't take tge "recipe" with them when the Soviet Union collapsed. To assume only Russia is to both overestimate Russian abilities and underestimate those of others.

Given the fact that this has been used as justification to ratchet up tensions with arguably the world's most powerful country, a real investigation would've been prudent. The only "investigation" we've had is a conclusion reached in advance and a whole cloth construction of "facts" to fit the pre determined conclusion.