Thursday, November 29, 2018

Taliban Say Negotiating With The Afghan Government is 'A Waste Of Time'

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani, seated right, and U.S. special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, meet in Kabul on Nov. 10, 2018. Presidential Palace / Reuters

Long War Journal: Taliban calls Afghan government “impotent,” says negotiating with it is “a waste of time”

The Taliban quickly responded to Afghanistan President Arshaf Ghani’s roadmap for peace, which was laid out at the Geneva conference today, and its position is more than predictable. The Taliban yet again belittled the Afghan government as a “powerless and foreign imposed” regime that is unworthy of sitting down at a negotiating table.

In a statement released today on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban made its position on peace talks quite clear. Ghani was not described as the president of Afghan government, but the “head of Kabul administration.” The Afghan government, which the Taliban refuses to recognize as such, is “powerless and foreign imposed” and negotiating with it is “a waste of time because impotent sides do not possess the capacity of making decision [sic].” Ghani made proposals, the Taliban claimed, that are “beyond his capabilities” as the US is the real power behind negotiations.

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WNU Editor: No kidding .... Afghan government’s negotiating position completely at odds with Taliban’s (Long War Journal). As for the U.S., they are trying to be optimistic .... Senior U.S. Diplomat Calls On Afghan Taliban To Seize 'Moment Of Opportunity' For Peace Talks (RFE). More here .... Trump Reportedly Wants To Withdraw All US Troops From Afghanistan By The Next Presidential Election (Task & Purpose).


Anonymous said...

Trump wanted US troops out yesterday. I think a mutiny in his national security team is holding him back. That only lasts for awhile

fred said...

The US has dropped more munitions in 2018 in Afghanistan than it has in any year in over a decade
there is no evidence that Trump wanted or did anything to change the plan and we are told he brooks no dissent from what he wants. He has no plan. period