Thursday, November 29, 2018

This Is China's Plan To Defeat The U.S. Air Force Without Firing A Shot

Chinese airmen march in formation prior to a combat drill with H-6K bombers. (Yang Ruikang/People's Republic of China)

Kyle Rempfer, Air Force Times: China aims to defeat the US Air Force without firing a shot. Here’s how.

A new study highlights China’s growing air power, and warns that China is looking to build out its Air Force to the point that the U.S. would not be willing to take it on in direct conflict.

The Project Air Force team at Rand Corp. describes an emerging Chinese air force that aims to rival the United States' own, both technologically and strategically, often by mirroring U.S. military capabilities and doctrine.

“It is important to recognize that many of the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] efforts in the military aerospace sector focus on fielding of specific capabilities in sufficient quantities to deter the United States from entering a conflict; the PLA would vastly prefer deterrence over actual combat operations,” the report reads. “In this sense, the capabilities competition can be regarded as aimed at defeating the United States without actually fighting.”

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WNU Editor: Deterrence works both ways.

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