Friday, November 30, 2018

The CIA Assessment That Says Saudi Crown Prince Salman Ordered The Murder Of Jamal Khashoggi Is Based On 11 Intercepted Messages

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, seen here in London on Sept. 29, days before he was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Photo: Middle East Monitor/Reuters

Wall Street Journal: CIA Intercepts Underpin Assessment Saudi Crown Prince Targeted Khashoggi

Conclusion that Mohammad ‘probably ordered’ killing relies in part on 11 messages he sent to adviser who oversaw hit squad around time it killed journalist.

WASHINGTON—Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent at least 11 messages to his closest adviser, who oversaw the team that killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in the hours before and after the journalist’s death in October, according to a highly classified CIA assessment.

The Saudi leader also in August 2017 had told associates that if his efforts to persuade Mr. Khashoggi to return to Saudi Arabia weren’t successful, “we could possibly lure him outside Saudi Arabia and make arrangements,” according to the assessment, a communication that it states “seems to foreshadow the Saudi operation launched against Khashoggi.”

Mr. Khashoggi, a critic of the kingdom’s leadership who lived in Virginia and wrote columns for the Washington Post, was killed by Saudi operatives on Oct. 2 shortly after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he sought papers needed to marry his Turkish fiancĂ©e.

Excerpts of the Central Intelligence Agency’s assessment, which cites electronic intercepts and other clandestine information, were reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

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WNU Editor:  Someone is leaking stuff.


Anonymous said...

Another leak in an intelligence agency.

Is it sad that I am not surprised anymore?

Anonymous said...

Kashoggi is to Saudi Arabia what Soros is to the US.

...Or Soros is to the Ukraine.

You do not see Soros fucking with Russia to the same degree he has with Ukraine.

It is Soros money behind the caravan laundered through an NGO in Chicago.

fred said...

All intel in Gt Britain and the US points directly to Saudi leadership and only Trumpians who want business with Saudis deny this...Denial is NOT a river in Egypt

fred said...

CIA found that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman 'sent 11 messages to advisor who oversaw Jamal Khashoggi murder squad in the hours surrounding the journalist's death'
what reason would NSA/CIA have to lie? What reason Trump have to deny?
ah, now we see.

Anonymous said...

We allied with the Soviet Union in 1941 after they massacred how many people?

22,000 were murdered by the Soviets just at Katyn alone.

Does Fred think we should not have allied with the USSR?

One more thing, I do not cry for Muslim Brotherhood people, but Fred will still religiously watch CNN no matter how many times Marc Lamont calls for the destruction of Israel. This after Fred claims to support Israel.

Hans Persson said...

I don't think anyone here cares about Kashoggi. This whole thing is a big, weird, circus. Engineered to make some political impact somewhere (I have no idea where, but probably in favor for the turks and its allies).
But somehow the western media has blown this waaay out of proportion, again.
And somehow the western media has forgotten that Kashoggi was a Bin Laden supporter, I guess anything is OK as long it fits the political agenda....

fred said...

Mr Khashoggi fled the country following the arrests of his close friends, and took up residence in America.

Since moving to the US, Khashoggi has been a US ‘resident’ as he is employed and lives in the country.

However, he is not a citizen, but he was allegedly in the process of applying for citizenship before he was killed.

In the mean time, Khashoggi was living in the US on the basis of an ‘O-Visa’ which is awarded to individuals of “extraordinary ability and achievement”.

While not a citizen himself, three of his children are, and these facts have led people to state the US government owes Khashoggi justice.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Jihadis are citizens or have children who are citizens.

Canada even pays jihadis after they are released from prison for murder.

Canada to pay $10.5m to youngest Guantanamo inmate, convicted of killing US soldier

Kashoggi was a propaganda type jihadi not a grunt type jihadi. Are we supposed to have sympathy for that?

If Kashoggi could get an O-visa for “extraordinary ability and achievement”, then Goebbels could have lined up and gotten a O-Visa for doing the same type of work.

Why do we need Kashoggi anyway? We already have a jihadi loving Senator in the U.S. Senate by the name of Sinema.

________________Democrat of course___________

Anonymous said...


Fred cares deeply for Kashoggi.

“The Jews are without history in Palestine. Therefore, they invented the Wailing Wall, which is a Mamluk structure,” - Kashoggi 2015 tweet

The twit that we all know and love would defend Kashoggi, while Kashoggi was undermining the Israel he profusely professes to love.

What a damn lie.

Fred would have cognitive dissonance but that would take honesty or a approximately 3 pound biological structure that uses a lot of energy.

B.Poster said...


Everything you posted is spot on. Not only this but by these actions we risk undermining relations with a very important country in Saudi Arabia. Stable and focused people don't do such things.

Anon (2:57),

The more I learn about this "journalist" the worse he seems to have been. Apparently the US government and the media are willing to endanger our relations with both Israel and Saudi Arabia to advance this guy and those he represented. To his credit, POTUS is currenty displaying sanity by trying to preserve these relationships.

fred said...

I know you are but what am I?
try to argue the post and not use name calling, a sure sign of a losing arguement