Friday, November 30, 2018

U.S. Dropped More Bombs on Afghanistan In 2018 Than In Any Year In Over A Decade

Two coalition airstrikes eliminated Islamic State fighters and facilities in the Nangarhar and Jowzjan provinces of Afghanistan, Feb. 6, 2018. The U.S. dropped more bombs and other munitions in Afghanistan during the first ten months 2018 than in any other full year since at least 2006, when documentation began. JACOB KRONE/U.S. ARMY

Stars and Stripes: The US has dropped more munitions in 2018 in Afghanistan than it has in any year in over a decade

KABUL, Afghanistan — The United States dropped more bombs and other munitions in Afghanistan during the first ten months of 2018 than in any other full year since documentation began, new Air Force data shows.

Between the start of the year and the end of October, U.S. forces released 5,982 munitions in Afghanistan, said the latest monthly report by U.S. Air Forces Central Command. Coalition aircraft flew nearly 6,600 sorties, about 12 percent of which carried out strikes during that period.

AFCENT didn’t begin publishing munitions data regularly until 2006.

The latest figures surpass the previous annual record of about 5,400 recorded in 2011 at the height of the U.S. troop surge. AFCENT’s figures include both bomb and missile strikes, 105mm shells fired by AC-130 gunships and strafing fire from 20mm cannons and up.

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Update #1: Coalition bombings spike in Afghanistan, but stalemate drags on (We Are The Mighty)
Update #2: US Dropped More Bombs on Afghanistan in 2018 Than Ever in Recorded History (Sputnik)

WNU Editor:  I am willing to bet that with the war getting worse in Afghanistan, more bombs are going to be dropped in 2019.


Anonymous said...

Obama's fault.

He declared combat operations over.

This allowed the Taliban time to rest and recuperate in addition to the Pakistani protected rear areas.

fred said...

Nope. the fault of the man in the White House in 2018! the buck stops here (Truman) on taking responsibility

Anonymous said...

Some of us have taken forecasting. It is called getting educated Fred.

We know what leading and lagging indicator are.

You could take courses from APICS or ISM. Since to learn logistics, it is helpful to learn forecasting.

Forecasting has many, many uses. It would help you with the climate change debate. Or this issue here.

You could do that instead of looking up porn all day.

fred said...

worry about your own education and sexuality and stop poking into the lives of others, grandma

Anonymous said...

I do worry about your education or should I say you miseducation.

You have a sheepskin so you think you are super schmart.

You vote for the wrong people and air stupid opinions in the public square, which is your constitutional right. It is my right to tell others how abysmal your reasoning is.

It is obtuse voters like yourself that get us politicians in charge like Macron and Obama, who preach the global warming sermons form liberal religious tracts.

Macron is just sucking the life out of the French with his tax increases on energy to tilt at the AGW phantom. Obama just wished he could bleed the populace white like Macron is doing.

The 5 most likely IPCC Models have totally diverged from the balloon and satellite datasets.

Too bad astronomy was not a mandatory course. We could flunk robots that regurgitate crap to to crap professors out of uni after their 1st semester.

fred said...


Anonymous said...

Stalin was a monster and he enjoyed many a nice afternoon like Hillary.

He died of natural causes.

He sent many innocent people to prison or their deaths.


"...this is the man who, for five years, pursued somebody who clearly was not the cause of anthrax and wasted all of this taxpayer money on an investigation, Bob Mueller,"

That Bob Mueller

Anthrax Bob

Lapides your reasoning ability is abysmal.

fred said...

yo, detractors! stay with the topic. argue the post. Calling me names is a sure sign of a losing comment....Note how comments DO NOT STAY with the subject but drudge up the old tiresome cliches, worn, outdated, and fully useless.

Anonymous said...

When you appoint a lawyer as a special counsel it is helpful to kn ow their track record.

Thus Meuller's track records is germane.

The anthrax case shows Mueller to not be capable of sound reasoning.

You absolutely will not read the article. So idiot, let me spell this out for you.

1) Hatfill was a virologist.

2) That means he studied viruses.

3) Anthrax is a bacteria.

4) Hatfill had no access to anthrax.

4) Ivins had access to anthrax and had patents.

5) Ivins also had a modus operandi of threatening people.

So Ivins had method motive and opportunity.

Hatfill did not have method, motive or opportunity.

So who did Meuller attack for 5 years like a mangy, slavering dig?


Of course that makes sense to your diseased Democrat brain.

I am glad I could connect the dots for you, but you still will not see the light. You are that dumb.

Roger Smith said...

The bombing increase appears to be paying off, according to an article I read last night. The Taliban dying are beginning to support negociations[sp]. This from interviews during the cease fire a couple of months ago. Those fighting wanted an extension of the ceasefire which was against the wishes of their commanders in Pakistan. There have been incidents of cracks in the unity of the Taliban. They are tired of dying and war.
Sorry I didn't keep the article.