Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ukraine Wants NATO To Deploy Ships To Counter Russia In The Sea Of Azov

Channel News Asia/AFP: Ukraine president asks NATO to send ships to Sea of Azov

BERLIN: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko asked NATO members including Germany on Thursday (Nov 29) to send naval vessels to the Sea of Azov to back his country in the standoff with Russia.

"Germany is one of our closest allies, and we hope that states within NATO are now ready to relocate naval ships to the Sea of Azov in order to assist Ukraine and provide security," he told Germany's Bild daily.

President Vladimir Putin insisted on Wednesday that Russian forces were right to seize three Ukrainian ships last weekend.

But Poroshenko charged that Putin "wants nothing less than to occupy the sea. The only language he understands is the unity of the Western world.

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WNU Editor: NATO's reaction to Ukraine's plea for help has been minimal at best ....

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Germany - who receives plenty of natural gas from Russia - wants to get in the middle of this and turn off their supply. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

No NATO country should do anything here, the Ukraine puppet government since taking power has used the military to quell unrest and to remain in power. With elections looming and the lowest ever public support for these foreign ministers and american/ukraine citizens currently in office, they are grasping at straws. Implementing martial law, sending a fleet into Russian territory, assassinating people and the list goes on. How many years has it been and still they have made no progress in returning stability to the country?

Americanadian soldier said...

So the Ukraine pokes a stick at the bear.... the bear bites and now expects the world to come riding in on its armies to save them? Why exactly?. Talk about a major miscalculation. That Poroshenko fella needs to be shown the door ASAP by his own people.

B.Poster said...


Your "take" on this is pretty much identical to mine. It looks clear to me that Poroshenko and his team fomented this latest conflict and went out of their way to do it. It seems clear to me that they have been trying to manipulate us from the start. He definitely needs to be "shown the door" by his own people. In the mean time, western and US leaders need to "show him the door" as well and break off all support for him.

When this happened, I hoped our leaders would see through this and this would be impetus to finally dump this corrupt chump once and for all. Perhaps in time this can be the impetus to finally get rid of this albatross.

It would be irrational beyond belief to expect 1.) Germany to risk sacrificing important oil deals to come to the aid of this chump. 2.)It would be unwise for America to risk war with arguably the world's most powerful military force over this chump. Essentially the chump is extremely costly, support for him/them comes with enormous risk, and their is no benefit to this.

The sooner he is out the better. In contrast, Putin or someone like him will be in power for the foreseeable future. On the surface, it made little sense to cancel an important meeting with Putin and further undermine an important diplomatic initiave over this Poroshenko fellow. In fact, this would have been an excellent time to publically call these people out for their repeated provocations and serial attempts at trying to manipulate us into doing their bidding against our own interests and needs. Perhaps Putin, Trump, and their teams can continue communicating through back channels. I hope so.

Mike Feldhake said...

Simply Politics, that's all; Control the Narrative.

Anonymous said...

St Petersburg troll poster is changing tactics I see. Kudos