Thursday, February 28, 2019

Former Canadian Minister of Justice/Attorney-General Accuses Prime Minister Trudeau Of Political Interference In A Criminal Case Concerning The Engineering Giant SNC-Lavelin

CBC News: Wilson-Raybould says she faced pressure, 'veiled threats' on SNC-Lavalin; Scheer calls on PM to resign

Conservative leader says powerful politicans should not try to overrule court proceedings

Jody Wilson-Raybould says she faced intense political pressure and veiled threats related to the SNC-Lavalin affair, and was warned directly by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the negative consequences if the company faced prosecution.

It was a day of high political drama, as the former justice minister and attorney general accused top Liberal government officials of inappropriate, excessive political interference in an independent criminal prosecution, and the opposition parties called for Trudeau's resignation and a public inquiry into the scandal.

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WNU Editor: First things first. For those who may not know, I live in Canada and I have been watching this story very closely. And yesterday was quite a day. I watched two individuals giving testimony to elected officials .... former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in the morning and former Canadian Minister of Justice/Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould later in the afternoon. It took me about 15 minutes of listening to Michael Cohen to realize he was not (and is not) a credible witness. As for former Canadian Minister of Justice/Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony, she was the exact opposite. She was forthright, meticulous, factual, backed by evidence and witnesses. She outlined how the Prime Minister and his aides put pressure on her to alter a criminal investigation, with the Prime Minister himself being blunt to her that the Justice Department "must find another solution" because it would impact his political prospects in the province of Quebec. She refused, and (she believes) was the reason on why she was fired as Attorney General. The reaction that I have heard from those who I trust when it comes to Canadian politics is one of shock. We basically learned yesterday that there is a two tier system of justice for this government, and friends of the Prime Minister will be protected. My prediction. The impact of her testimony on Prime Minister Trudeau and his government are going to be severe and consequential when Canadians go to the polls later this year. And even though the government and the Prime Minister are now making the case this morning that they were only trying to protect jobs, in my opinion they are not being persuasive. My prediction. A criminal investigation on what has happened is now warranted. And as for Prime Minister Trudeau's prospects for this year's election, they are in deep trouble. The Liberal base that Prime Minister Trudeau needs to go to the polls are going to stay home.

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Prime Minister Trudeau's Reaction

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Commentaries And Analysis On This Scandal

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Anonymous said...

WNU: 15 minutes??

Took me less than 2:

I tuned in when Cohen pushed for the race card - I knew then he was watching too much CNN.

When he then immediately was pressed on why no racist comment was ever made by Trump on more than ONE HUNDRED(!) SECRET(!!) RECORDINGS of Trump he made, it was over. He is the liar. And he was pandering to the brain dead CNN crowd hoping they buy the race claim. Of course they did, and I'm sure the parrot was jerking off just watching this nonsense :)

Bob Huntley said...

Any country, just like any individual citizen of that country, is either law abiding or it is not. There are no maybe's, no what ifs.

Bob Huntley said...

It shouldn't have taken the show yesterday for anyone to appreciate, given the news that has come out over the past couple of years concerning both, that as individuals and as business partners Trump and Cohen are cut from the same brush when it comes to a lack of integrity. "Credibility" is a rather nebulous term when describing the main players here.

That Cohen is what he is does not in any way detract from information he provided that will create other avenues for further investigations into Trump's activities and future charges for which a Presidential pardon is not applicable.

The questions asked by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which looked very much like a set-up to me, will see to that.

The very poor showing by the GOP members in the questioning speaks volumes concerning how they felt about the "credibility" of the information Cohen was giving, perhaps due to their more intimate knowledge of Trump's lack of integrity. The idiot who, in a show of desperation, threatened Cohen and his family put icing on the cake so to speak and made Trump look very guilty.

DinoB said...

Trudeau is the Canadian version of the Clintons. Typical of the elites that will do anything to stay in power, regardless of the effects on the country. Hypocritical Liberals.

Anonymous said...

The only parrots on this boat are those who continually make excuses for President Trump and the enabling Republican Congressmen and Senators who co sign his amoral and pro authoritarian ways. Fred always speaks the truth, the many bootlickers who slur him and other truthtellers are the, ‘Polly want a cracker crowd’.

AZuLike said...

So Mr anon 12:51 lets say Hillary was president. How would the Democrats be doing?

Hans Persson said...

This whole thing is way bigger then what the left has on Trump. Is it going to be in proportion? Nope.

fred said...

Hillary is NOT president...why not deal with reality?
I note this: The unrelenting attack against Cohen by the GOP with just about no addressing issues he was discussing is mirrored at this site by the unrelenting name calling attacks against me. It seems, then, typical of Trumpians that name calling, lies, accusations are all par for dealing with serious issues or in commenting on arguements posted by opponents. I note too that Trump believes Kim and the Saudi prince and Puntin but not his own intel or foreign affairs experts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Fred always speaks the truth" Lololol