Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ukraine Election Exit Poll Numbers Have Been Announced

WNU Editor: According to Russian TV, Comedian Vladimir Zelensky is ahead in the exit polls. He has over 30% of the vote, and the runner-up is incumbent president President Petro Poroshenko with 17.8 %. In third place with slightly over 14 percent is Yulia Tymoshenko. Kyiv Post is also confirming these numbers .... First exit polls arrive: Zelenskiy leads with 30 percent (LIVE UPDATES) (Kyiv Post). The final results will be announced on Monday, probably at the end of the day. As to what is my take on these exit polls. Vladimir Zelensky is doing better than what I had expected. He is now well positioned to form a coalition with other defeated candidates that will put him over 50% when Ukrainians go to the polls for a second and final round on April 21.

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