Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ukraine's Brtain Drain Is Devastaing It's Future

Financial analyst Oleksiy Luponosov, 39, is planning to move from Ukraine to Germany with his wife and their child.Oksana Parafeniuk / for NBC News

NBC: A brain drain is devastating Ukraine

Those who are leaving blame a lack of job opportunities, an ongoing war against Russian-backed separatists and a failure of political will.

KIEV, Ukraine — Kateryna Filip was a certified English teacher in her homeland. She now works abroad as a cleaner.

It was a tough decision but one she is convinced will ensure her three children have a brighter future.

The 34-year-old is among the millions of Ukrainians who have left the country as part of a devastating brain drain.

She says the lack of well-paid jobs, rampant corruption and a war with Moscow-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine made her and her husband, Vasyl, decide to seek a better life in the Czech Republic.

“There is nothing waiting for our kids here,” Kateryna Filip says while sitting in a pizza joint in the heart of Kiev. "We love Ukraine, but it doesn’t love us back."

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WNU Editor: Last week two of my cousins and their three kids visited me from Ukraine. My cousins still live in Ukraine, but two of their kids are working in the U.S. and the third one was accepted this year by Canada to become a citizen (he applied in 2014 when the Maiden revolution broke out). All three are highly educated and multilingual. One worked as an IT specialist for an Austrian bank in Kiev (and who is now a Canadian citizen), his sister is a veterinarian who wants to complete the necessary requirements to be certified in the U.S., and the third one has a Masters in Civil Engineering (with 10 years work experience) who is now working in Florida.

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Spouse has 4 nieces and nephews. All live outside the former communist bloc.