Saturday, March 30, 2019

Ukraine’s Voters Go To The Polls This Sunday To Choose The Next Leader Of The Country

The Guardian: Ukraine's candidates push limits of 'quiet day' before polls open

Country bans campaigning on day before an election, but candidates find ways around rule

Presidential candidates in Ukraine are banned from campaigning the day before Sunday’s highly contested vote. But Ukraine’s “quiet day” has not been all that quiet.

Turn on television channel 1+1 and you’re likely to see the poll leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy starring in his own comedy show, Kvartal 95. Later on Saturday evening, 1+1 will broadcast a biopic about Ronald Reagan, another actor-turned-politician, with his voice dubbed by Zelenskiy.

On Instagram, posts by President Petro Poroshenko show him praying for “Ukrainian unity” alongside senior members of the church and army veterans. An article on his government website explained that the group also prayed “for the wisdom of the people who tomorrow will decide the future of Ukraine”.

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