Saturday, March 30, 2019

President Trump To Cut Foreign Aid For Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

NBC: Trump administration says it will cut foreign aid for Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

Some Democrats said the move "will only result in more children and families being forced to make the dangerous journey north to the U.S.-Mexico border."

The Trump administration said Saturday that it intends to end foreign assistance programs for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, a move that Democrats called “reckless” and “counterproductive” in addressing the problems that cause people to flee to the U.S.

A State Department spokesperson said that “at the Secretary’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” a term that refers to the three countries.

The spokesperson said "we will be engaging Congress as part of this process," which could mean it needs Congress' approval to end funding.

The aid affects nearly $500 million in 2018 funds and millions more left over from the previous fiscal year. The money was destined for Central America but had not been spent yet, the Washington Post reported.

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WNU Editor: I am skeptical the Congress will end funding. In the meantime President Trump is upping the pressure .... Trump threatens to close border 'next week' if Mexico doesn't 'immediately stop' flood of illegal immigrants (FOX News). Meanwhile at the border the crisis continues .... 'We’ve never seen anything like this': As Trump threatens to close border, migrants overwhelm Texas cities (USA Today).

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Anonymous said...

This will get a lot of attention in Tijuana/San it stands now the people of TJ aren't big on the caravans heading their way, nothing but trouble for them.

Anonymous said...

We'll need the money in the USA anyway to bailout failing schools (due to illegals; it is expensive to hire bilingual teachers), combat disease outbreaks, hire morticians (when a Dreamer murders another jogger), etc.

Bob Huntley said...

Trump believes he has a winner and will push the hell out of it. I wonder if closing the border will go both ways as in stopping Americans from visiting Mexico for medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

If Trump closes the northern border, many Canadians will be inconvenience or denied proper medical care.

Bob Huntley said...

Childish response as per.

Anonymous said...

No, you were implicitly suggesting that there will be a backlash against a border closure and it will be horrible for Trump.

You were gloating.

I just turned your formula around and applied it to the north border. IF the USA closed its northern border, how will all those Canadians who have been let down by the Canadian system get their health care. King % News out of Seattle have ran stories more than once of Canadians crossing the border for health care.

Are you a bugblatter beast? Are you of the opinion that if you didn't see it, then it did not happen?

Anonymous said...

Foreign aid, like welfare, goes from being a help to extortion or paying protection money very quickly. It sure doesn’t buy friends or security.

Bob Huntley said...


The number of Canadians that go to the US for health care versus the number of Americans coming to Canada is about equal. The diference is the reason.

Canadians go to the US because of wait times. I know people who live close to the border and when they are told it will take a month to get something like an MRI they make an appointment and go shopping for the day across the border. What they pay is refunded by, in the case of Ontario, OHIP. Sometimes they go for operations, especially plastic surgery but often radical surgery not performed in Canada.

The American who go do so because they cannot afford healthcare in the US. A lot of Americans in the southern border go to Mexico.

In Canada nobody loses their house because they needed an operation. Over the years I have had 3 children born in hospital, no charge, except for parking for the visitors. I have had by-pass, no charge, again parking except for visitors. We contribute in taxes etc. but not at the point of sale.

Our country can afford that because our government doesn't piss away its tax money and future tax money on useless and criminal wars.

Anonymous said...

Americans have to pay for Mexican, South America and other people's health care.

?When that is as prevalent in Canada as it is in America expect your health system to collapse or be unaffordable.

Canad does not have 11 million, 12 million or 30 million illegals.. When it has the same proportion of illegals expect your life to suck.

And a word of advice, do not take a stroll along a park path unless you are in a large group. That way you will not fall victim to an illegal

"Yale Study Finds Twice as Many Undocumented Immigrants as Previous Estimates"

Too late. This shite is headed your way due to you stupid votes.

"A Windsor man is charged with attempted murder related to the assault"

Anonymous said...

More money and service does not improve.

"A Canadian patient has to wait roughly four months for the average surgical or other therapeutic treatment. Wait times were similar a decade ago - even though the government has substantially increased health care spending since then."

Can you say socialism?

Not to worry. It will get worse. You have not hit peak socialism, yet!

Anonymous said...

Immigration: Illegal Immigration gets even better

"A caravan migrant from Honduras who complained about being given beans to eat during her journey through Mexico is now in a Texas jail facing one charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The woman became the topic of a viral video during her journey. The woman’s sister is also facing similar charges...

the news outlet Mundo Hispanico revealed that the two women allegedly beat another woman who was providing them with housing."

So you meet these illegals that liberals like to call immigrants because they like to conflate illegal with legal and muddy the waters. Their arguments only makes sense with a lot of hand waving and misdirection.

So you meet these illegals and you tell them that Canada has a better health system, the roads are paved with gold and Ontario and Quebec are nice this time of year.

And oh yeah BTW he ere are 2 Greyhound bus tickets so you can ride in air condition comfort. And here are some fast food gift cards so you do not have to eat beans and feel compelled to assault anyone.

Las Vegas has been accused of buying bus fare to California for vagrants. One only has to scale this up and send these wonderful and grateful people to Ontario.

How do you like dem apples?

Anonymous said...

Canada must suck ___!

Apparently an illegal in the know prefers the US rather than Canada. You people in Canada must be racist, have a bad health care system, or some other unspecified defect.

"Agents patrolling near Waterville, Maine, apprehended two men who were “illegally present in the U.S. The agents arrested the two Mexican nationals and transported them to the station for processing and a biometric background investigation"

"The illegal aliens included six Mexican nationals and a Nicaraguan national."

Just wait until he get the Salvadoran gang members. Once they set up shop ...


Jamaican gangster have said they fear Jamaican police more than American police. Just think of MS13 think Canadian justice system is a pushover compared to the American system or all the good street corners are taken in America. Canada could have some major fun and some rocking good time!

Bob Huntley said...

You sad, poor reprobate, unaware or simply ignoring that American aid always has a string attached and often that string causes mayhem and the very immigration you so despise.

Unfortunately, people being human, there are always some bad that come with the good and some people tend to the focus on the bad. That too is part of the nature of mankind and by definition, you.

Perhaps you might ask the native people of America how they feel about you being there.

Anonymous said...

Unless you yourself and you advocating all people of European, African and Asian descent leaving the Americas, you are just ________ yourself.

Personally I want the Apaches to go back to British Columbia whence they came. They moved south about the same time as Columbus reached the Americas. I suppose they won't like the cold mountains, so perhaps we can move them to Ontario or Quebec after we move some people down with the struggle to new digs like a flat in South London.

It is kind of put up or shut up.

Bob Huntley said...


I imagine the Apaches would like you to go back to wherever it was they kicked you out of. You are rather hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Bob. The Apaches surrendered. Geronimo gave up.

If you knew anything about languages and oral traditions, you would know that the apaches came
from Northern Canada a while back and took land form other tribes.