Friday, May 31, 2019

In A Stealth Fighter Dogfight Two F-35s Drew An Accidental Sky Penis

Business Insider: US Air Force F-35s drew an accidental sky penis with their contrails in a stealth fighter dogfight

* Two US Air Force F-35s conducted air-to-air combat training against four more stealth fighters this week, and in the process accidentally left behind contrails in the shape of a phallis.
* Luke Air Force Base has concluded that the fighters from the 56th Fighter Wing did nothing "nefarious or inappropriate."
* Military pilots have left behind a number of penis drawings in the sky, most of which seem to be intentional.

US Air Force F-35s accidentally left behind phallic contrails in the sky after air-to-air combat training this week.

Two of the fifth-generation stealth fighters went head-to-head with four additional F-35s during a simulated dogfight, Luke Air Force Base told Business Insider.

In the wake of the mock air battle, the contrails looked decidedly like a penis. Media observers out in Arizona said it "vaguely resembles the male anatomy."

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WNU Editor: The pilots are not going to be reprimanded.

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