Friday, May 31, 2019

Analysts Warn That Japan's Purchase Of F-35s Will Fuel An Arms Race With China

Japan’s F-35 fleet will be the largest of any US ally. Photo: AFP

SCMP: Japan’s deal to buy F-35 Lightning jets from US ‘may fuel arms race with China in region’

* Donald Trump has welcomed Tokyo’s order for the stealth fighter, but it is likely to trigger a response from Beijing
* Deal to buy 105 of the advanced fighters will greatly expand Japan’s capabilities in the South China Sea

Japan’s decision to buy 105 F-35 Lightning jet fighters from the United States may further fuel the arms race in Asia, analysts have warned.

The deal, first announced in December, was confirmed on Monday during US President Donald Trump’s four-day state visit to Japan.

Japan “has just announced its intent to purchase 105 brand new F-35 stealth aircraft. Stealth, because, the fact is you can’t see them”, Trump said at Japan’s Akasaka Palace. “This purchase would give Japan the largest F-35 fleet of any US ally.”

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WNU Editor: China has been engaged in one of the largest military buildups and modernizations in history, but Japan is to be blamed for an arms race because they are buying 105 F-35 fighters? Who are these analyst?


Anonymous said...

Probably Chinese analysts ;-))

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

The South China Morning Post is owned by Jack Ma of Alibaba fame. He is part of the inner circle of PRC. Pres Xi probably wrote the article.

Anonymous said...

Pure propaganda and nonsense. Japan's airforce is irrelevant considering the U.S. has occupied them since 1945 and has maintained at least a dozen personal airbases since.