Saturday, June 29, 2019

China Is Entering The 'Grey Zone' Between War And Peace

China and the Philippines have competing claims in the South China Sea. Photo: TWA/SCMP

Zhenhua Lu, SCMP: China accused of entering ‘grey zone’ between war and peace to assert control in disputed waters

* US think tank Rand Corporation says Beijing’s increased assertiveness in East and South China seas falls ‘below the threshold of armed conflict’
* Report says lines between civilian and military are being blurred, citing use of ‘navy reservists’ to crew fishing vessels used to assert control over territory

China is using a number of tactics that fall in the “grey zone between peace and war” to advance its interests in the disputed East and South China seas, according a leading US defence think tank.

In a report analysing China and Russia’s “coercive” actions, the Washington-based Rand Corporation also proposed a number of military and diplomatic measures America could take to counter China in the strategic waters.

Rand, which is partly funded by the US government, said Washington expected its rivalry with China and Russia to be played out “primarily below the threshold of armed conflict, in what is sometimes termed the grey zone between peace and war”.

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WNU Editor: Against its smaller neighbours I would say that China has already entered the zone of war .... China, Philippine tensions inflamed by a sunken boat (Asia Times).


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Did Jared, Ivanka, and Daddy get briefed on this and did they factor it in in their dealings with President Xi and President Putin? Of course not! They have their own personal agendas, which don’t necessarily gel with American security concerns.