Saturday, June 29, 2019

Chinese Military Tells The U.S. That 'Those Who Resist Will Perish'

A Chinese sailor aboard the Type 056A corvette Hanzhong fires an auxiliary gun during an exercise in the South China Sea, June 18. Beijing claims much of these strategic waters also claimed by regional states and patrolled by the Pentagon. Chinese People's Liberation Army

Newsweek: China's Military Warns U.S. Must Get With the Times: 'Those Who Resist Will Perish'

China's military called on the United States to adopt a modern way of thinking in dealing with the People's Republic, warning America that it risked falling behind.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang condemned the Pentagon's recent Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which accused Beijing of seeking "to reorder the region to its advantage by leveraging military modernization, influence operations, and predatory economics to coerce other nations."

He said the ministry was "firmly opposed to its negative contents concerning China," citing some specific points of contention.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese military is channelling the Borg .... "resistance is futile".

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