Sunday, June 30, 2019

How Did A Private School Girl From Sussex Die Fighting ISIS In Syria?

Dirk Campbell holding a portrait of his daughter Anna, with International YPJ soldiers

Daily Mail: How did a private school girl from Sussex die fighting ISIS in Syria? Her Seventies rock star father flew out to investigate - and found the haunting story of her final weeks in a secret diary

* Anna Campbell was killed by an air strike at the age of 26 in March last year
* She is the only British woman to have died alongside Kurdish forces in Syria
* Anna: The Woman Who Went To Fight Isis is on BBC2 at 9.30pm on Wednesday

Four young women in dusty, sweat-soaked fatigues hold AK-47 rifles high above their heads beneath the fierce Middle Eastern sun.

They are in training, desperate to join the Kurdish defence force and its famous female fighting units which are attempting to drive back the forces of Isis that swept across Syria and Iraq.

As Dirk Campbell watches the figures moving across the screen in the militia group’s shaky footage, one young fighter stands out.

She is noticeably taller than the others, with paler skin and short blonde hair. She is also unmistakably his daughter, Anna.

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Update: 'I'M READY TO FIGHT' Secret diary reveals how Brit Anna Campbell, 26, went from private school girl to being killed fighting against ISIS in Syria (The SUN).

WNU Editor: The documentary "l Anna: The Woman Who Went To Fight Isis" will be on BBC2 at 9.30pm on Wednesday, July 3.

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