Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Brazilian Prison Riot Leaves 57 Dead, 16 Decapitated

Daily Mail: Bloody prison battle between rival gangs in Brazil that lasted five hours leaves 52 people dead - including 16 who were decapitated

* At least 52 people are dead in prison riot between rival gangs in Brazil
* The riot broke out on Monday at 7am local time at Altamira Regional Recovery Center in the northern state of ParĂ¡ and lasted for five bloody hours
* Gang members from one prison block invaded another and set a room on fire
* Several prisoners died of asphyxiation in the fire and 16 were decapitated in the conflict
* Two correctional officers were held hostage during the riot and later released
* Brazilian authorities have not named the two rival gangs involved in the attacks
* The prison has a capacity of 200 detainees but was occupied by 311 prisoners
* The bloody violence comes two months after a riot in Amazonas state jail left 55 inmates dead

At least 52 people have been killed in a jail in northern Brazil today in a bloody conflict between rival gangs that left 16 decapitated, an official has confirmed.

The 'rebellion' began at around 7am in the Altamira Regional Recovery Center, in the northern ParĂ¡ state, where gang members from one prison block invaded the prison annex and reportedly set part of it on fire.

Sixteen of the dead were decapitated in the bloody five-hour-long clash that ended around midday (3pm GMT), an official from the Para state government's penitentiary department said.

It was the latest violence to rock the country's overpopulated and deadly prison system.

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Update #1: Brazil prison riot leaves 57 dead, 16 decapitated in "settling of accounts" between rival gangs (CBS/AP)
Update #2: At least 57 dead in Brazil prison riot (AFP)

WNU Editor: This is one case among many .... Deadly unrest in Latin America's prisons (AFP).


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