Friday, August 30, 2019

Poland And The U.S. Have Agreed On Six Locations For New U.S. Troops To Be Stationed

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak attends the signing ceremony for a deal to buy High Mobility Artillery Rocket System launchers, during US Vice President Mike Pence's visit in Warsaw, Poland, February 13, 2019. © Reuters / Kacper Pempel

Zero Hedge: Poland And US Agree On Locations For New American Troops

Poland and the United States have agreed on six locations for new US troops to be stationed throughout the European nation, according to a Friday statement by Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

The military deal, signed in June, will add 1,000 non-permanent US troops to the currently stationed 4,500 on rotation as part of NATO forces.

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Update #1: Poland, U.S. agree on six locations for U.S. troops in Poland - minister -- Reuters
Update #2: Warsaw, Washington agree on 6 locations for US troops in Poland – defense minister (RT)

WNU Editor: This is a major shift of U.S. forces in eastern Europe, and it is being noticed by everyone in the region.


RussInSoCal said...

Poland would be a great overseas billet.

Anonymous said...

But, but .. cnn told me Trump is a Putin asset? :'(

Forward location of US troops to Poland (further east, closer to Russia than Germany is), is not something Putin will want, has always tried to prevent.

Cnn.. thank you. 2 years of your shit of dividing the US and tearing this president down. Shame on you, you f*cked up network

Anonymous said...

vasal state of a vasal state


anyway enjoy your muttrape babies.

Anonymous said...


My father met my mother while stationed overseas. There was no talk of rape or occupation.

If it is occupation why is Merkel and other crying that the Americans might pick up and leave?

South Korea has continuous protests. They just had a protest protesting the continual protests. What is interesting is that during the height of the Iraq War, GWB took 3,,000 troops out of South Korea and the South Korean complained bitterly.

It was shocking. After all the protests, you would think that the South Koreans would be happy, but they were not.

Here is a pro tip. Many of the protesters are paid protesters. In Japan the protesters are paid by the Japanese Communist Party to come out onto the streets during their lunch hour and the mouth breathers of the MSM dutifully cover it?

As the US communist party received stipends from Moscow, it is natural to ask what percentage of American, Japanese and Sot Korean protest were paid for by Moscow.

I would like to meet you IRL and you can run by the muttrape allegation again over a beer or during a charity cage fight.

Anonymous said...

Cnn merely blame them for this and that is plain stupid
Trump can not stop, let alone think about, stationing troops in Poland. In fact he permits it because Germany will not pay more for our costs in having them in Germany. Read before making dumb accusastions

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

The Fake Feud Between Trump and Fox

Fusion said...

So American wouldn’t mind a few thousand Russian troops on the Mexican border? ;)

Anonymous said...

Spend more on defense or we move troops to Poland, US ambassador tells Germany -

Bob Huntley said...


Imagine if Mexico facilitated China building a navel port on their west coast.

Fusion said...

Christ. I’d rather not! Hah. I can only imagine the uproar Americans would start. The fear, and hatred of China would double.

Anonymous said...


We already have enemy combat troops along our southern border. What do you think Hezbollah is?

Before moving to Mexico, they may have had indoc in Lebanon or combat experience in Syria.

"Why is Hezbollah involved in Mexico’s Drug War?" - Medium

"Cocaine is profitable, but so is establishing a foothold in North America."

"Other sources of Hezbollah funding became evident during a review of the Lebanese-Mexican smuggling network that smuggled 200 illegal Lebanese immigrants in the United States of America. Specifically, after Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, a Lebanese who infiltrated into the United States through the Lebanese-Mexican smuggling network was captured, Mahmound Youssef Kourani admitted spending part of his time in the United States raising money to support Hezbollah—at least $40,000, according to an FBI affidavit. A further check of court records indicated that Kourani told the FBI his brother is the group's (Hezbollah) chief of military security in southern Lebanon"

I think Hezbollah should look for funding in Canada. It is not tapped out and has barely been touched. they should start in Mississauga and Toronto and then spread north and west with drug peddling, extortion and other rackets.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a former new network. Now, it is merely a propaganda organ for the DNC.

I can see what liberals like CNN.

What could be better than Don Lemon digging into his pants, waving his finger under nose so you get a good whiff and then asking you if you like boys or girls.

I can see that being a turn on for liberals and one of the reason the watch CNN,

So avant garde!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Britain and France had place a 1,000 soldiers each in Poland in 1939.

Would Hitler have invaded.

When the the North Vietnamese invaded South Vietnam after being green lighted by the Democrats, they got more than assurance that China had their back. China stationed 300,000+ soldiers in North Vietnam allowing the evil communist North Vietnamese to send their whole army south.

None had to stay back on defense.

What good is it to tell Poland we have you back and not put any people there? The Russians could invade and then a liberal, coward yellow dog president would say it is fait-accompli and send no help and ditch the defense treaty.

That is how liberals roll.

Tails between their legs yelping "Ar, ar, ar, ar, ar, ..."

Anonymous said...

Consumer confidence sees biggest fall since 2012 over trade fears |

GOP fears Trump backlash in suburbs

Anonymous said...

anon 12:08

do a stint in the military instead of running your mouth off
I and many otherf liberals have served. and you?
Am was isolationist prior to Hitler and FDR finally able to do lend lease to help out the Brits... FDR a Democrat!

Anonymous said...

Fred I have served and I served far long than you and in more wars.

Woodrow Wilson helped create the seeds of WW2 by intervening in WW1 and getting into foreign entanglements.

I guess Asshole Wilson had nothing better to do than to intervene in an European conflict. After all the had segregated the government and driven blacks out of federal jobs , so the reprobate was bored.

It was FDR's America that turned away the the Jews on S.S. St. Louis. Lets see who was president in 1939?

A) Bill Clinton the Rapist?
B) Obama the conqueror of Libya?

You would think that FDR was popular enough and forthright enough that he could have straightforwardly persuaded the American people instead of backdooring things.

Yeah, FDR Captain Courageous!

Anonymous said...


"Ship carrying 937 Jewish refugees, fleeing Nazi Germany, is turned away in Cuba"

Here is a number line problem for the professor

A) The St Louis was turned away in 1939

B) FDR was president from March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945.

Given facts A & B, who was the Jew Hating president that turned away the Jewish refugees?

Put in your thinking cap, because for you, this will be quite a poser.\

Anonymous said...

FDR was an anti-Semite, which is why bird brain loves FDR.

"Why did the administration actively seek to discourage and disqualify Jewish refugees from coming to the United States? Why didn’t the president quietly tell his State Department (which administered the immigration system) to fill the quotas for Germany and Axis-occupied countries to the legal limit? That alone could have saved 190,000 lives. "

"There is evidence of other troubling private remarks by FDR too, including dismissing pleas for Jewish refugees as “Jewish wailing” and “sob stuff";

expressing (to a senator ) his pride that “there is no Jewish blood in our veins"; "

Come on dude, tell us how much you love FDR again!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...