Saturday, August 31, 2019

Shock Polls Show U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson And The Conservatives Would Win A Majority If A Snap Election Was Called Today

Daily Mail: You're too scared of an election to bring down Boris Johnson next week, Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Remainer rabble - as poll shows Tories would win a 24 seat majority over 'unpopular' Jeremy Corbyn

* Mail on Sunday poll says Prime Minster would win majority of 28 seats in Election
* Jacob Rees-Mogg says MPs too frightened to call vote of no confidence in PM
* Plotters including Philip Hammond hope to seize control of Commons agenda
* But Mr Rees-Mogg has described such 'politicking' as being 'unconstitutional'

The Minister at the centre of Boris Johnson's shock move to suspend Parliament today dares his opponents to bring down the Government – then watch the Prime Minister sweep to a thumping Election victory.

Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses 'deceitful' and 'underhand' MPs planning a last-ditch Commons move to block No Deal Brexit of being too frightened to call a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson because it would lead to a crushing defeat of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a snap poll.

Mr Rees-Mogg, who went to Balmoral to gain the Queen's approval for the dramatic suspension last week, lays down the gauntlet as an exclusive Mail on Sunday poll predicts Mr Johnson would win a majority of 28 seats in an Election – rising to 84 if Nigel Farage's Brexit Party stands aside.

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WNU Editor: The international and U.K. media were overwhelmingly focused on today's nationwide protests against Boris Johnson's plan to suspend parliament. But it looks like they are missing (or avoiding) an even bigger story which is that new polls are showing a massive increase in popular support for Boris Johnson and the conservatives after they had made their announcement that they were going to prorogue Parliament. Bottom line. If these polls are accurate, it is going to kill any rebellion in the Tory ranks against Boris Johnson, and make it even more likely for a hard Brexit to happen on October 31.


Anonymous said...

The polls are surely accurate.

For True.


Unknown said...

After the past few years I've never trusted polls as they've been way too inaccurate. People fearful of PC tell pollsters what they want to hear. Politicians in the West turned their backs on their own populations decades ago. As a former Labour voter, if GB seceeds fully from the EU, Johnson will spring an election. Pro federalist LibDems will win a few more seats, pro independence Conservatives win by a landslide & Labour wiped out in England & Wales. Labour may make a big come back in Scotland. SNP have lost support.

Unknown said...

If an election takes place prior to independence on 31st Oct, Johnson should enter a pact with Farage. There'll be so much tactical voting by the federalist parties it will be absolutely strategic.