Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thousands Protest Across The U.K. Against Boris Johnson's Decision To Prorogue Parliament

Euronews: Brexit: Protests across the UK after government closes down parliament ahead of EU exit deadline

Protesters have hit the streets across the UK to show their opposition to government moves to close parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline on October 31.

The demonstrations in London and elsewhere are against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament — a move that increases the chances of Britain leaving the European Union without agreement.

With only 61 days until the October 31 deadline for Britain’s withdrawal, anti-Brexit politicians and campaigners are running out of time to prevent a no-deal Brexit, which business leaders say will disrupt Britain’s economy and could even lead to shortages of food or medicine.

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Anonymous said...

So the supporters of Labour came out. No big deal.

What was a Labour minister doing in Epstein's hide-away?

"RED FACED Peter Mandelson seen with Jeffrey Epstein as photos of Tony Blair’s spin doctor with the paedo billionaire resurface"

If Epstein would blackmail people, he would blackmail a gay politician.

Labour has more problems to deal with than Brexit.