Monday, September 30, 2019

Is An American Cold Civil War Now Happening?

WNU editor: On Friday a reader of this blog wanted my take on what a U.S. talk show host said on Friday ....  that the U.S. is now in a Cold Civil War. That question struck me, and I have been thinking about it ever since. I am person who is fascinated with American history. Particularly it's Revolution, the Civil War, the Cold War, its historical relations with Russia/Soviet Union, and U.S. political history from President Reagan onward. But what is happening now is (from my knowledge) unprecedented in American history. The vitriolic hatred of President Trump from those who oppose him and who want him removed from office, and the passion of those who defend him, this blog has covered it all since President Trump was inaugurated. But after the Mueller Report failed to provide evidence of Russian collusion coupled with his disastrous testimony, I did sense a seismic shift in Washington taking place. The news coverage and punditry became darker, and the anger among Congressional Democrats intensified. Upon reflection I wonder if it was during this time that the gloves were taken off, and the priority was to make and execute a plan to remove President Trump from office, irregardless on what it takes. The event that made me think about that was when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that an impeachment inquiry was to take place. The fact that they want this all wrapped up in two months, and articles of impeachment to be voted on before Christmas (which will passed), also told me that the fix is already in, and we are just following a plan.

So what is next? The Democrats have crossed the Rubicon, and their intent on what they want to happen next is now crystal clear. And as for President Trump .... as the above tweet indicates .... is acknowledging this and he is responding. In the next few months this crisis is going to intensify. The Democrats and their never-Trumper allies have no interest in backing down. To them President Trump is illegitimate, and they will continue to double down until he is gone even though most Americans oppose what they want, which is the forcible removal of President Trump. On the opposite side there is going to be blow-back from President Trump's supporters, and they will double down in their defense of him. By December or early 2020 President Trump will be impeached along partisan lines, and the case will go to the US Senate where it will be dismissed. No one will be satisfied, and the anger and bitterness will continue but at a level not seen in decades.

So  .... is an American "Cold" Civil War now happening? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

No. This is called following the Constitution. Russians like you just do not get it. America is an idea, not an ancient country based on strong men dictators. America's right fears an open legal process, but does not send it's ideological enemies to gulags and starvation.

Trump.true believers are fighting a.losing battle with modernity, education and demographics. They are rightly scared that Trump is their last great hope to have power, money, and a white America. Forces that cannot be stopped are moving this country forward. Reactionaries like Trump and his enablers will.try and convince the endangered white underclass to support the white power structure that could really care less about them.

If there is a civil war it is by the right fighting the inexorable tide moving this country into modernity. The right will do anything to maintain power. That is how Trump poured gasoline on himself and lit the match. True American patriots are now fighting to protect the Constitution rather than economic advantage.

I guess you cannot understand. More the pity.

Anonymous said...

Regardless. Not irregardless.

And no. No cold civil war. You and I and most readers here are news and politics junkies. Most people don't care. Sure, they have an opinion and yes more people than ever before will vote and yes there will be all kind of spectacle. But unless Democrats remove this president nothing will happen. And they won't remove him. Keep in mind, this disgrace on the Democrat side is all but guaranteeing Trump to win in 2020. Biggest winner in all this? The USA. Biggest losers? China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

This is not coincidence. That idiotic Swalwell Democrat just plays his role.he isn't that stupid. Cannot be. He is a former cia agent who still works for them and he knows by acting so stupid he ensures bit by bit that people will not vote Democrat and that China will get squashed

Anonymous said...

@332 anon. You must be a Democrat. Dumb. Wrong. And full of himself. Leave wnu alone and ideally don't come back

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true American! Don't come back.

True patriots would never say that. My relatives died to free this nation to give morons like you the right to be morons.

People like you have no real power and vicariously live through people like the Orange traitor. Not a suprise.

This country moves forward without you or over you. I just hope you make it despite the hate in your heart. I cannot hate you. I can just pity you.

Best of luck.

Hamilcar Barca said...

A second US Civil War...with the tesion there it is possible ...but Trump has more suport in his nation and world wide and what democrat failed to understand that a stable USA is a stable situation for the entire world ,and many nation will involve in this possible WAR !

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with anon @ 332am? No history education about your own country? As other anon pointed out, you must be a Democrat. We too (Brit here) can recognise you by now.. your ignorance and temper is famous all around the world mate. Bet you're a beta male on top, hence the overreaction to signal dominance lol. So cute and transparent. "The country will move on without you"... so dramatic haha jeez get a hold of yourself

Anonymous said...

Anon @332 must be a Russian troll himself, this looks orchestrated. No one is that stupid and that full of himself. Must be a Russian interpretation of what a shrill Democrat looks like. Close.. on Twitter, certainly. Here it looks a bit like a Russian troll inflamming the situation, calling WNU a Russian (doh! we all know, that's why we come here, we can judge for ourselves, thank you and we do not need your stupid, moronic McCarthyism shoved down our throats, thank you)
Anon @ 341 called it right. You are clearly a Democrat who has sand in his vagina and is all upset and SUDDENLY quotes the constitution. The very same constitution that made it clear that you cannot become president by the popular vote, nor that you do not have the right to bear arms. But now you care. Right. Democrat 100% or Russian troll faking Democrat behaviour according to your own logic. ;-)) Now go away, talk about drum circles and climate change, and let the grown ups talk, mhkay? Thaaahaaanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi brit. No troll here. Just pro-Constitution and rule of law. If you want to call us dems go for it. Patriots can take your dummy crap.

Our patriots bailed your sorry butts out of the German fire twice last century because you could not do it yourself. Brits can hardly feed themselves. Coal bags still line the streets. Badly educated, unhealthy, class warfare serfs led by third sons of inbred nobility. Your smiles would scare goats. Liberals, conservatives, independents all pitched in to feed your worthless butts. Mistake.

The old joke in the states was have you heard about the new Republican special at KFC? They only serve right wings and assholes. A class joke never fades.

All you can do is trash patriots. We made a mistake taking bullets and torpedoes for your sorry lot.

You can keep your worn out trashed country. Your public spaces look like crap. Glad I don't have your sorry was right wing brit s...for brains in my gene pool.

Best of luck as the high-tech educated diversity wave drowns you. Grab your kit now and head back to your mama!

Dummies and your proud of it.

Anonymous said...

"high tech educated diversity"

Anonymous said...

6:14. Check out sesame street. It should be on soon. You might be able to improve your vocabulary if the content is not above your understanding.

It must really kill you to think that the people you lol on here could buy and sell you for pocket change. This is likely the only place where you think that what you think matters. As Trump says...sad.

Likely trailer trash with a pc. Don't forget to pick up the free food at the shelter that kind libs give to keep you from starving.

Man, We are so tired of dragging your type up from the mud.

Anonymous said...

Oh so tired. Mostly talking about how wonderful you are and you are wonderful aren't you, Lololololo.

Anonymous said...

Do Democrats over there suffer from messiah complex?

It would explain this constant virtue signalling. It is soooo transparent what's going on. Look at all the child molestors and rapists associated with the Democrat party just in the last 1-2 years:

Ed Buck (made black people ingest lethal amounts of Meth to then fuck them, some died!!) Epstein (famous investor with Democrat connections who abused underage girls)! Weinstein (movie rich guy with ties to the Clintons and he likes to rape..).. Eliot Spitzer.. paid hookers, if I remember correctly, while he had a wife! And what was that comedians name? There were two, one black, Bill Cosby (drugged and raped dozens of women) and that white chubby guy, who jerked off into plants and molested people. All within the last couple years, all Democrats. YET, the MeToo movement thinks Republicans are the bad guys.. because you need to virtue signa/project AWAY from your party. Don't you see that?

The list is endless, and I am barely following US politics. It is an embarrassment to be a Democrat if you ask me... all the lies.. remember what they did to Kavanaugh? The Blasey Ford liar, who then was called a hero on the left, while not even her own friends wanted to back her. And how the Democrat lawyer met with her in a hotel to rehearse.. You all should seek help, especially that dude @ 3:32, so full of himself... Jesus, another millennial cry baby who sips a Latte at Starbucks and thinks he is changing the World by virtue signalling (again away from his party, projecting on the Republicans) :D

Just tell us @3:32, what have you done to act that way? You are almost like our Fred, who is a confessed smut website operator, and likely much more

Mike Feldhake said...

I would classify this as Lawfare, not a war and this circus is going to continue. Maybe after an out right beating in 2020 will the Dems stop, or at least slow down. Just hope the voters turn out which I believe they will.

Anonymous said...

You almost wonder if WWU is part of as propaganda campaign or his platform is being used by anti-American forces. When Fred, Bob, or someone seems to be irritating people more than depressing them or convincing them, they back off only to have the field taken over by yet other trolls that belittle, attempt to depress, convince or otherwise.

Witchfinder General Mathew Hopkins had a priest hung, because some people did not like him.

Democrats want to hang Trump, because they do not like him

Diferent year, same witch hunters.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing pro-Constitution about Democrats. They want to overturn the Constitution and

have said so. Obama and Buzzy Ginsberg have both said so.

Anonymous said...

Russia Delenda est

Anonymous said...

The Left will never slow down, they can't.

Anonymous said...

Observation: The Left will never slow down, they can't.

Question: Why

Answer: Potlatch

Anonymous said...

Beyond repugnant is what conservative politics has been forever.

Trump is only performing for that core constituency. He is successful because we have allowed that repugnant ideology to go unchallenged and unchecked for so long. We shower it with deference. We are told how we must listen to it to the exclusion of all else. Held captive to a lie that no one dares challenge because it is too lucrative for everyone involved. We are in complete (expletive deleted) denial.

We have yet to see the real monsters. And we will do no more about them when they arrive. The name of the game is deceit. It pays massive dividends. We have allowed Republicans to cash in on it for generations and democratic "leadership" do everything it can to save it for decades. Now we are supposed to pretend that some sort of principle is being upheld?

Donald Trump is not the disease. He is a symptom. Donald Trump is not the cause. He is the consequence. His presidency is as real as the TV show he created around himself.

This nation is too ignorant, too stupid, too addled, to comprehend the difference. To separate a cartoon from reality.

Or understand the consequences of that failure.

Anonymous said...

Such intellect, such virtue, such profundity, to carry all of that as you trudge the world's Via Delarosa of addled minds clouded by stupidity and ignorance. Bravo to you, well done, keep that halo nice and shiny!

Anonymous said...

"Beyond repugnant is what conservative politics has been forever."

I see your point. Forever measuring the Civil war & Antebellum too. You want to own slaves again. We git it; that is we get you thought processes.

Forever, means Democrat Wilson's segregating the Federal government and screening the racist film, "Birth of a Nation", in the White House.

You think Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton had a point telling each other back in their youth Black people would be serving them drinks and that is the way it ought to be.

I can see why a racist like yourself would be upset.

RussInSoCal said...

I guess the tranzi troll came full circle in his argument. Went from pompous lecturing to to sad realization. All in the space of about 7 hours.

Its not our fault you've allowed yourself to become depressed over a political personality. As a strong Trump supporter and an (actual) patriot, I'm delighted by his speeches and his tweets. I find hilarious the way he manipulates his enemies. It warms me that his very existence fills you with hate and rage.

As for a civil war, I've been expecting and preparing for hard-core violence from the Leftists for a long time. Ready as I'll ever be. And the longer they take to get their 'revolution' on, the more prepared I'll be.

But there's little worry. The violent hard left is comprised mainly of pampered, upper-middle class whites around the age of 30. They want to start a revolution? They can't even start a lawn mower. They want to change the nation - they can't change a tire.

So aside from broken windows and flung feces in "progressive" and "modern" shitholes like Portland, Los Angeles, NYC, etc., I think civil war is unlikely. What Mike F. sais has it right. Its Lawfare.



Anonymous said...

Holy s $t RussInSoCal haha

I'm from "Europe" so my stance on guns has always been "Jesus you guys are crazy over there"...BUT looking at how the left operates over the last few years, I'm starting to get it

What I've seen:

1. Maxing Waters(D) calling for people to be harassed. The Democrats did nothing to stop this and sure enough many Republicans, including the elderly - usually white but some black - were beaten for wearing a hat she disagrees with. She should be ashamed and Democrats would vote her out.

2. Antifa mobs formed because the Democrats and media called your president and his supporters a fascist and Nazi ..this is incredible and also connected to Maxing Waters hateful and violent inciting speech. She is sick.

3. Hillary Clinton, the perhaps most famous Democrat still and multiple presidential candidate called just in the Maxine Aftermath for an end of civility. And that "civility can only be restored when we are back in power". Think of that. This should disqualify her from running ever again and she should never speak on democracy/be paid for speeches on that topic ever. But. Entitled women can say what they want. They are a protected class even if they're incompetent, batshit crazy and literally call for the intimidation and harassment of people who disagree in a democracy. Think of that. Unbelievable. And on top she ran a sexist campaign showing off her sex as if that should matter. She is the patient zero of what's wrong with the Democrat party.

4. And all these Democrat scandals...the Russia hoax, the "insurance policy if Trump gets elected" @ McCabe, the Weinstein scandal, the Epstein scandal, the Kavanaugh fiasco whhre Democrats shouted to BELIEVE HER (!) and abandon due process - a key pillar of your and our legal systems. Unbelievable

So yeah. .I could go on but I'm starting to get it. Good luck from the UK

Roger Smith said...

What is most bothersome is the ignoring by the dim-o-krats of polls
continuing to show the majority of citizens of this country are not in favor of impeachment.

This attitude comes from the 8 years of arrogance of the prior occupant of the White House, in my opinion.

Miss nancy was against many in her party for quite some time over the impeachment move. Now she has suddenly caved.

I think this impeachment inquiry situation may reflect a growing sense of desperation on the part of dimz.

Anonymous said...

Don't go. I like hearing your viewpoint. Yeah I'm a Yank, but I also know you guys did a lot of heavy lifting for about 900 yrs or so on that freedom and liberty thing. Regardless of the past I firmly believe we wouldn't come into the world if you guys hadn't been around first