Friday, November 29, 2019

London Bridge Killer Has Been Identified As A Convicted Terrorist Convicted For Plotting To Bomb The London Stock Exchange In 2012

Daily Mail: London Bridge killer, 28, was jailed for eight years in 2012 for plotting to BOMB the London Stock Exchange and build an Islamic terror training camp - but was RELEASED last year and had an ankle tag on when he stabbed two people to death yesterday

* The Met Police have named the London Bridge terrorist as Usman Khan, 28
* The knife-wielding terrorist had been released from prison in December 2018
* He was jailed for a minimum of eight years having been convicted of terrorism
* Police have raided an address in Staffordshire linked to the slain terrorist

Scotland Yard has named the terrorist responsible for yesterday's attack on London Bridge as 28-year-old Usman Khan.

Anti-terror police have raided a house in Staffordshire area which was linked to Khan.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu confirmed that a man and a woman had been killed in the attack.

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WNU Editor: This murderer is a real piece of work.

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Unknown said...

My father actually predicted this would happen nearly 40 years ago during the race riots in England. 'We're bringing all of these people into the country son. One day some of them will turn on us & start killing us." What do you know, I thought at the time. I think of his prediction every time this happens somewhere in Europe. What has the establishment done? Invaded & bombed Muslim countries, unrestricted immigration, populations at each others throats. This has now become normal

Bob Huntley said...

"What has the establishment done? Invaded & bombed Muslim countries, unrestricted immigration, populations at each others throats."

Actions designed to keep the terror rolling. Death for some, job security for others.

Anonymous said...

White guilt agenda pushed by some or cheap labor pushed by others more than explains it.

You do not need war to push spending.

Last time I checked Osama was attacking the US for years before 911. Not that Bob Huntlery would remember, because events like 300 murdered Africans does not show up on his radar screen. They are black after all in his mind.

Bob Huntley said...


Great. For once you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

So you admit you have white guilt.

So you admit you don't give a shit about the Africans murdered by Al Qaeda in the 1998 Embassy Bombings, because they are black.

Interesting. What a demented person you are.

Bob Huntley said...

My last statement holds. You agreed with me.

Anonymous said...

Bob, when I said white guilt pushed by some, I was including turds like you in that some.

Bob Huntley said...

Once again a very weak effort and one that you made yourself look very foolish.

Anonymous said...

Once again you lie and confirm that you are a dick.