Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Angolan Court Seizes Assets Of Africa's Richest Woman Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, speaks to journalists before being sworn in as chief executive of state oil firm Sonangol in Luanda, Angola, June 6, 2016. REUTERS/Ed Cropley/File Photo

DW: Court seizes assets of Africa's richest woman Isabel dos Santos

A court in Angola has ordered the bank accounts of ex-President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' daughter to be frozen. An anti-corruption drive launched by his successor has targeted the former first family's assets.

Angola's public prosecutor said on Tuesday that bank accounts held by Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, have been frozen in accordance with a court order.

The court was acting in a graft investigation looking at alleged irregularities involving state companies, including the oil giant Sonangol which Isabel dos Santos used to run, and a diamond-marketing firm, Sodiam.

"The state through its companies ... transferred enormous quantities of foreign currency to companies abroad whose beneficiaries are the defendants, without receiving the agreed return," the court said in its order, dated December 23.

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WNU Editor: She is no longer in Angola, and my gut is telling me that she is not coming back.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered how long that would last. She is or was worth a billion or more dollars based on being COMMUNIST José Eduardo dos Santos' daughter (Not Joe Biden), better looking than Hunter Biden, and not being a crackhead.

I wonder how much Angola can clawback. Is she worth a billion dollars? Did she build a corporation and provide products like Steve Jobs or Henry Ford?

I am willing to bet her political opponents engage in nepotism and are corrupt. But degree of corruption matters.