Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Kim Jong Un: North Korea Ending Nuclear And Missile Test Moratoriums

In this picture released today by North Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un can be seen smiling during a party conference in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang

The Guardian: Kim Jong-un signals North Korea will resume nuclear missile tests

The dictator says Washington’s ‘gangster-like demands’ meant self-imposed ban was no longer needed

Kim Jong-un has signalled that North Korea will lift its moratoriums on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests in a move likely to anger Donald Trump.

The North Korean leader told a four-day meeting of party officials in Pyongyang that the test ban, which Kim agreed to in talks with the US president, was no longer needed, state media said on Wednesday.

Kim also reportedly said his country planned to introduce a “new strategic weapon” in the near future.

North Korea has previously fired missiles capable of reaching the entire US mainland and has carried out six nuclear tests.

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