Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Medical News And Information -- March 31, 2020

New York Post: Coronavirus could travel 27 feet, stay in air for hours: MIT researcher

Social-distancing guidelines to stay 6 feet from others may be woefully inadequate, one scientist warns — saying the coronavirus can travel 27 feet and linger for hours.

MIT associate professor Lydia Bourouiba, who has researched the dynamics of coughs and sneezes for years, warns in newly published research that the current guidelines are based on outdated models from the 1930s.

Rather than the assumed safety of 6 feet, Bourouiba warns that “pathogen-bearing droplets of all sizes can travel 23 to 27 feet.”

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Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Medical News And Information -- March 31, 2020

Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus? Covid-19 myths busted -- The Guardian

Human testing for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine this fall -- AFP

Johnson & Johnson vows to make 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine by 2021 after landing $450 million US government contract - but the firm hasn't even started testing it on people -- Daily Mail

Coronavirus: Rush to develop rapid tests -- DW

‘No evidence’ asymptomatic carriers spread coronavirus, Chinese health official claims -- SCMP

How the AMOUNT of the coronavirus you get infected with could decide whether you suffer mild or severe symptoms -- Daily Mail

Coronavirus: Worldwide genetics race to uncover who is most susceptible to Covid-19 -- SCMP

Coronavirus: 'Nurses prepare for the worst but not this' -- BBC

Coronavirus may still be contagious for up to EIGHT DAYS after symptoms disappear, study of 16 Chinese patients finds -- Daily Mail

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Anonymous said...

As Paul Harvey would say: "And Now for the Rest of the Story"

Remember the Young Woman Who Died While Waiting for a Coronavirus Test in New Orleans? ...Yeah, Well Now the Truth Is Out

She had intestinal issues possibly related to her Peace Corps time. She also had 2 COVID tests. The 2nd came back negative. Not sure about the 1st.

New Revelations About Woman Who Accidentally Poisoned Her Husband to Death with Fish Tank Cleaner Raises Eyebrows


STUNNING: Sweden Has Lower Number of Coronavirus Cases per Million People than United States — And Sweden Did Not Shut Down Country or Destroy Its Economy

Belgium and Sweden do not have lockdowns. History will tell.

"The conversation I had with these hospital leaders yesterday in that room, if it was not for the coronavirus, I would have never made it out of that room. I mean, what I was saying was so antithetical to the foundation of the business of health care in this state, which, by the way, is a multibillion-dollar business."

- Cuomo

Most things are a multi-billion dollar industry.

"According to trucking industry statistics, most freight companies are small operations making a small profit, but the trucking industry itself is a multibillion-dollar ..."

- truckingoffice.com

Using Mario Fredo Cuomo' reasoning he ants to take over the trucking industry, Or perhaps manufacturing.

"which, by the way, is a multibillion-dollar business." - Fredo Cuomo

Such a throw away red meat socialist comment.

"Good Day"

Fun Fact: Rush Limbaugh made Paul Harvey rich.